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Found 1 result

  1. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    AKA Dream Nation's place to shamelessly show off her art. I do have a deviantart under the handle "Tastes-Like-Fry", and I will initially post pony things that are already there, but when that art runs out I will make more, and at that point I will be happy to take requests for OC vectors (BUT NOT RIGHT NOW - I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN I KNOW). You may notice that my art has "TLF" logos on it, but when I get to making OC requests it will have a Dream Nation themed logo. FYI; TLF/Tastes-Like-Fry username was inspired by a deleted scene from Futurama's "The Sting" Where Leela kisses Fry and then smacks her lips and says "Ooh, and you're honey glazed" ... it was a messed up episode and I freaking love it. I mostly do vectors, but I've done some drawing in flash, gimp and photoshop as well. I now have access to the Creative Cloud suite from Adobe (I love being a multimedia student), so if anyone knows the Adobe programs and has some hints for me on how I can improve on areas, it would be great as I'm still learning the programs. I am a whore for comments, whether they be constructive criticism, simple feedback, conversations or simply "me likey". One thing I ask you not to post is your own art (unless it's an appropriate reaction image), you can certainly post a link and ask me to look at it and comment on it (which, if it's in Deviant Art, I will comment as "Tastes-Like-Fry") TLDR; I'mma post my pone art. "TLF" is olde username, but also me. I will do OCs latter, but not now 'k? Talk to me I'm lonely My art only. But link me and I will look at yours. (Quick question from the newbie that is me (will be deleted once answered) : Does my PMVs count as art also? I only just started making them, and even though there's a separate subforum for videos, I'd like to keep it all in one manageable thread if I can. - Is it appropriate for me to post them here also?) Now that that's out of the way. Onward to art! I'mma start with my favourite one. Das me with Andrea Libman. Got her to pull a silly face