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Found 1 result

  1. A new adventure begins in 2018... Hello Minecrafter... Today, we are glad to announce that we are working in a new, and exclusive Minecraft server, one of the first server with a "History", but, we refer to history as a "Plot" of why the server its so special?, our server its based on the famous serie My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... Why?, its so simple... This TV show has an awesome fandom, so, we are trying to make a server, which is oriented to some scenarios, characters, and history of the show, but, does not change the essence of the game, so, this server will be friendly also with another Minecraft players, an example of this, think in a normal server PvP zone, with a Team Deathmatch game, where, will be team Red and Blue, with some kits, in a village map, now, think that instead PvP zone, its the Raimbow Dash zone, with all the same PvP games, in the Team Deathmatch, there will be two teams, team Unicorn, and team Pegasus, and will have some special abilities, its the same game, but, with some script changes, that will make the server friendly to Bronies, and normal Minecraft players. The server Plot: "In the magic land of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Raimbow Dash, Rarity And Fluttershy, were called by Princess Celestia, which sent all of them to a new kingdom, accross the portal, this new world will have exactly six places, according to their personality, Raimbow Dash, an athletic Pegasus, will gain the control of the Player vs Player zone, Pinkie Pie, an outgoing and crazy mare, will gain the control of the funny zone (TNT Games, Party Games, and Arcade Games), Applejack, a farmer mare, will take the control of the Survival zone, Rarity will gain the control of the exclusive Project Ares tribute zone, and Fluttershy will be commanding the Animal Games, but, the princess Twilight Sparkle will be take the control of all the zone, and will baptize it as The Twilight Network". - Twilight Network prelude Now, you know more about us, Do you want to join?: Awesome, now we are looking for: Developers: At this moment, we have only one developer, which has the work of make new, and exclusive plugins for this network experienced in Java, Maven, and Ruby, which are based on popular games like Skywars, TNT Run, Survival, etc... We are trying to recreate the legendary PGM plugin, which was used by Overcast Network, and is now open source, to recreate their most popular gamemode Project Ares until they closed, we decided to make a tribute for their awesome years of gaming... Also, we are looking for Website Developers (Webmasters), which have experience with Ruby, Java Script, PHP, MySql and Java. Builders: Which is the best way to recreate Equestria? The maps, we like to make Hybrid maps, Equestria maps, with the minecraft style, so, we need builders to do that, awesome builders, awesome maps, trying to make the Minecraft users feel at home. Flash Animators: Our server has a plot, a history, we can make this real, so, we need Flash Animators, and Minecraft Animators, who will work together with Voice Actors of the fandom, and will recreate our plot adventures for the mane 6. Voices: The voice actors / actresses will work together with Flash Animators, to recreate the Mane 6 adventures according to our plot. So... When will we start with the server?: At this moment, we have only three builders, a developer, and a Creative Director, which are working every day to make new content for the server, we are trying to make this Original, without copying or downloading any plugin, so, we are not hurry to open the server, and we are trying to delay it until 2018, because, we like finish all the things exactly as we want, whitout any error, so, its a long term project. I want to join, what I need to do?: You can contact us vía skype, or you can left a comment with your IGN Name, your age, what position do you want to do, what do you know about the TV Show, and any contact way (Skype, facebook, etc...), but first, you need to have this requirements: Be 15+ Years old. Be sufficient mature. Be resposible Speak English - Spanish. Do not make offensive comments or any racist comments. Skype: live:ianfe2012 - Josechango123 Good Luck, and Twilight Network wishes you have a nice day...