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Found 6 results

  1. Otaku-sempai

    Is Potion Nova an Alicorn?

    When we first see Potion Nova in Pony Life, she appears as an Alicorn and we see such magical effects as flowers springing up in her wake. However, when she introduces herself to the Mane 6, she seems to be a normal Unicorn pony. This raises the question: Is Potion Nova really an Alicorn? 1) Yes, though she disguises herself as a Unicorn pony for unknown reasons. 2) No, any scenes showing Potion Nova as an Alicorn are just animation errors. 3) No, the creators are deliberately trolling us! 4) Other (what is your theory?).
  2. Hello everyone, I am Fabian (better known as Flutter-Fighter), I am 20 Years old and need your help. For my school education I have to write an academic assignment. I chose the research question: "Why/How did the Brony/Pegasister-fandom form?" or the short form: Phenomenon Brony To answer this I have to ask you a few questions about you and your life as Brony/Pegasister. You don´t have to answer all questions, but I will be thankful for every answer. You need to know: - Nobody except me can see your answers. - It is anonymous. - I could look at a single survey, but I don´t think that will happen, because I just need the overall result for the evaluation and not a single survey. - You don´t have to answer all questions. - By submitting this survey, you agree that I may quote individual answers from it. - You don´t have to finish it at once. You can send it to me and edit it later. - The option "Sonstiges:" means "other option". I am from Germany, so the language is German and i don´t know if it will be translated for others. - If you have questions, just ask me right here. Thanks in advance. If you want, share it with your friends and other Bronies. Brohoof /) Link to the survey: If you have found a mistake or a question I could add just tell me.
  3. Friendship is Horses

    Do You Like Your Job?

    Exactly what it says on the tin.
  4. Dennis Abernathy Harrison

    Twitter is for sale

    So Twitter is now going up for sale. Who should buy it? Microsoft just bidded 30 billion. Honestly, I don't like Microsoft, but I'm hoping they win. I'm afraid Google will kill it. I also don't trust Salesforce or especially Verizon either though, but don't let that sway your vote. Also, please vote only if you're active on Twitter.
  5. Dennis Abernathy Harrison

    Favorite Television Genre

    What's your favorite TV genre?