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Found 2 results

  1. Ponies made me collecting things that connect me with them. I've got a great bunch of pony things. I know some of you have that kind of collection as well. So I have made up this thread so anypony, who would like to show off his/her collection of pony in the most polite and possibly-detailed pictured fashion could do so! Just remember: be polite to one another P.S: You are free to show the merch that you got from DA, Etsy, Cons as well.
  2. I enjoy hearing people's thoughts and opinions and why they feel they way they do about these things (provided the reasinine behind it makes sense). As a result, here's another opinion post I'm starting. Here's how it works: - Post a piece of media, be it TV series, game, movie, book, anything that you personally believe is overrated and why. OR - Post a piece of media that you believe is underrated and why. Things to keep in mind: - When you post something, please make it a point to give a legitimate reason why it is over or underrated. This is a place for people to share their opinions for the sake of sharing them. - Please, please, please, PLEASE DO NOT TURN THIS THREAD INTO A FIGHT BETWEEN TWO OPINIONS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should not be bullied because their opinion does not match the status quo. In other words, KEEP IT CIVIL and if you don't agree with someone, either don't reply, or reply in the most courteous way possible. I'll go first: In my opinion, Borderlands (1 & 2) is overrated because while it may function well as a co-op game, it doesn't function well as a single player game due to the campaign difficulty not changing between single player or co-op, and that some problems that other games are criticized for, like the lack of a mini-map and hard-to-control vehicles, are ignored in the case of Borderlands.