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Found 7 results

  1. AppleDazzler

    Why did you come on EQD?

    We all have a reason to be here, no? So I ask you: what was the very reason you came on EqD? Was it to have fun? To be able to talk about ponies? Everyone has a different reason, so go ahead!
  2. Trainboy1621

    New Yorkers in here?

    I'm just curiously wondering if there's any people that live in New York City (like me) or NY state in general.
  3. Fraki3635

    Who has the most influence on EQD?

    Aside from Sethisto and Calpain, which 2 people have the most influence on Equestria Daily? I'm talking about the staff, and only the EQD staff, so not like "User" and Light Landstrider. This is for a video I'm making, it's a secret.
  4. Light Blade

    Merch Section

    So the section is called "Official Merch". Does that mean that that custom stuff (got from Etsy or DeviantArt artists) is to be kept away from the section? I am asking because I was thinking of creating a "post you collection" thread.
  5. Hi there. First time beeing here. Um... funny story. A friend of mine talked to me at our prom, he was dead drunk. He knew that I am really into anime and so he figured I may or may not have seen mlp. HHe started talking wwith me about it but used therms I did not udnerstand and he never said that he was actually talking about mlp. I guess cuz it was emberassing for him. at the end of this very weird conversation were I did not understand a thhing but claimed to do cuz I thought he was just drunk and is talking bs he told me the name of this website. Only after looking it up I understood that he was talking about mlp. So.. here comes my question. He asked me wether I was a M or L type.. or something along these lines. I dunno if it were those letters but sicne then I am really curious what he meant with it. He does not talk about it anymore, I guess it was to emberassing for him to find out that I had no clue what the fuck he was talking about. Anyway thanks for the help and I guess I will stick around and see if I can get into this mlp thingy~ uhm.. brohoof?
  6. What is the appropriate section to post headcanon ideas or questions?
  7. So with the trailers for the next installment of one of the best fighting games of all time coming out, I've had Street Fighter on the brain. Anyone who does martial arts in real life knows that weapons feature heavily in many styles, some more than others. While there have been some characters in the franchise that either make use of or are sometimes depicted packing, Vega most notably with his claw but also Eagle (escrima sticks), Fei Long (nunchaku), Viper (taser gloves/jet shoes), Rolento (quarterstaff and grenades), and more; but for the most part the characters eschew weapons. I like this creative decision as the fighting styles are distinct and stylized, whether armed or empty handed. Just for fun though, what are some weapons you think your favorite Street Fighter characters would use if they decided to go into a fight with some teeth? Be it based in their actual martial art style or just something you think the character would choose to use. Now let me make myself crystal clear as I had problems with this exact post before. I am NOT suggesting Street Fighter become more focused on weapon combat, this is just a theoretical question on what some of you think the characters from the game would choose to arm themselves with IF they were forced or chose to use a weapon of their choosing. With that out of the way, for example: T. Hawk: Tomohawks. (Hey "Tomohawk" T. Hawk? Wonder if that was intentional. Yes I know his first name is "Thunder." . . . Which only brings to mind another Native American fighting game character . . .) Dhalsim: Urumi and shield Makoto: Katana (not trying to stereotype just that A ) Street Fighter has always used national identity to inform character and B ) she's old school and the heir to an old school.) Zangief: Hammer and axe combo. (Again, not stereotyping, but Zangief IS a patriotic Russian after all.)