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Found 1 result

  1. "This is finally done... lets hope it's not too cringy." "Also I really hope those spoiler things worked." Years have passed since the defeat of Ogrest, an ogre empowered by the six Dofus, granting him godlike powers, all for the love of Dathura, one of the God Sadida’s dolls and demigods. But when Dathura disappeared, his sadness consumed the world, flooding the world with his tears and bringing an end to the Dofus era with what was known as Ogrest’s Chaos. Though in the end, it birthed the Wakfu era, and civilizations rebuilt themselves, Ogrest's Chaos still loomed overhead, threatening to plunge the world into chaos once again for Ogrest's sadness was eternal, and the gods were powerless against him. Centuries passed until one such god challenged him, Iop himself, battling him atop Mount Zinit, the tallest mountain in the World of Twelve, were Ogrest resided. Though he eventually received help in the form of an Eliatrope powered by the six Eliatrope Dofus, and Otomai, a demigod of the Goddess Feca and father to Ogrest, their battle was hard fought, and nearly destroyed the World of Twelve. In the end Ogrest fell, and the world was still intact, though Mount Zinit was lost. Ogrest returned to his former self, a child ogre, and returned to his father, Otomai. In the aftermath, the Dofus were returned to the dragons, their rightful owners, while the Eliatrope Dofus were kept under the care of a trusted guardian, and all was well. However, years have passed and the Dofus have been stolen once again, not by Ogrest, but by those with much more sinister intentions. Catching wind of this, Otomai seeks to fix it. Though the Brotherhood of the Tofu, a group of individuals who have saved the world more than once and had a part in Ogrest's defeat, were nowhere to be found. Now Otomai searches for new heroes, ones to aid him in gathering the stolen Dofus before another catastrophe happens. Rules General Forum rules apply No godmodding (I will fucking smite you) No Mary Sues (in line with the godmodding. I. Will. Smite. You.) Don’t drag on character development (I don’t care if you do it, that’s part of an RP, but don’t drag it on. ie 4 pages long) Don’t be a dick, to other rpers that is, if your character is that way whatever Oh and no Eliatropes, this is a lore based thing Character Sheet Character sheets must follow this format Name: Gender: Class: Age: Weapon/Tool of Choice: Appearance: Personality: Background (not required): Races/Classes (it’s complicated...) Races work weird in the Krosmoz universe, in the World of Twelve all humanoid races (save for a few obvious one, but none of those will be listed) are technically human, a person’s appearance however will change based on their chosen deity. They can be born with this, or choose it during their life and their body will slowly change, they keep personal traits, but will adapt traits of their god or goddess. The severity of this change depends on their devotion. Some of the classes listed however, are either splinters (like a splinter group) or do not have a deity. Now as for the “races” this will be alphabetical, you can as well be a simple human if you wish, but will not have any magic or special abilities. (due to spoilers being weird af, pictures of the various races/classes will be hyperlinked to the name) Cra Ecaflip Eniripsa Enutrof Feca Foggernaut Huppermage Iop (pronounced “yop”) Masqueraider Osamodas Ouginak Pandawa Rogue Sacrier Sadida Sram Xelor Now for info tidbits Wakfu and Stasis This is a bit of info that may become relevant during the RP, in the Krosmoz, there are two dominating elements: Wakfu, embodying life, growth, and rebirth, creation itself; and Stasis, embodying death, destruction, and decay, the end of a cycle. Neither is inherently good or bad, without one, the other will grow rampant, instead they act stabilizers, two sides of the same coin or something. Without Wakfu, death and destruction would consume everything. Without Stasis, everything would grow out of control and choke out all life. Furthermore, Wakfu flows through all living things, while more benevolent beings, those who good at heart, or powerful ancient beings have plentiful wakfu flowing through them, whereas destructive beings are filled with stasis, most notably Shu-Shus, destructive demons who wish only to destroy. There has been rumors that some powerful beings can channel wakfu into magical abilities. Haven Bags Those of you familiar with the source material know what these are, those who don’t however… Haven Bags are magical items that resemble well… bags, whether a simple sack, a backpack, or any other form of bag. They act as pocket dimensions and are capable of immense storage, think of a bag of holding you can live in. Due to this function they can be quite uncommon, but those that have them will sometimes treat them a mobile home, going into the bag as needed. Because of their utility, I will allow haven bags, but only one, and your character should have a good reason for having one. (hint, Enutrofs typically own haven bags due to their utility, but don’t use that as the sole reason, you will still have to provide a valid reason why your character owns one) Shu-Shus Shu-Shus are destructive demons, from another world at that. They love to destroy so much, that their homeworld is nothing more than a barren wasteland, as such they attempted to invade the World of Twelve, only to be intercepted and many of them imprisoned in items to cull their destructiveness. The rest of the Shu-Shus have only invaded once since, and again, was a failure. Despite this Shu-Shus are nothing to sneeze at, while lesser Shu-Shus can be taken on by an seasoned combatant, greater Shu-Shus should be engaged by experienced warriors as their power is immense. The strength of a Shu-Shu is determined by their class, from 1-5. This dictates how many of the elements they can control, from the 4 base (water, air, fire, and earth) and a 5th element of Dark. 1-3 class Shu-Shu are usually corralled under a general name, while 4-5s are given special names, these are the most dangerous Shu-Shus. These greater Shu-Shus each have a special power unique to them that sets them apart from other Shu-Shus, not to mention makes them all the more dangerous. Imprisoned Shu-Shu Shu-Shus that were imprisoned during their first invasion who put into various items, these items range from simple trinkets to weapons and armour. These items have immense power due to Shu-Shu soul residing in them, and are sentient, allowing the Shu-Shu to speak to whoever is carrying them, as well an eye, the origin of the Shu-Shu’s speaking and sight, will be somewhere on the item, usually in a noticeable location. ShuShu weapons are rare, as most are typically only given to members of the Order of the Shu-Shu, a special order who employs guardians to ensure that the Shu-Shus do not fall into evil hands. Owning one of these powerful weapons is no simple task either, depending on the Shu-Shu, some can be manipulative, convincing their owner to do their bidding, or even fuse. When fusing, the owner and item combine, creating a Shu-Shu/whatever it fused with hybrid, with the Shu-Shu’s eye somewhere on the body, depending on the owners willpower, either one of them has control. There are only two ways to separate them, either from the shushus own separation/owner forcing a separation, or ripping out the Shu-Shu eye. Fusions that are out of control (the Shu-Shu in control basically) are dangerous opponents, not to be taken lightly. For the RP, only one is allowed to have a Shu-Shu weapon, and must have a reason, along with it, whoever has it can choose to be a Shu-Shu Guardian. Whoever owns the Shu-Shu cannot own the Haven Bag and vice versa. When fusing with the Shu-Shu, you must roll initially and occasionally to maintain control, else the Shu-Shu takes control. If your Shu-Shu respects/fears you, this does not have to be done, to gain the respect/fear of one you have to prove yourself to them or be powerful enough to scare them into submission, this however can be difficult unless your character is either immensely powerful or of evil nature. GOD that was long... anyway, post your stuff below and we'll get started soon.... ish...