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Found 3 results

  1. I need a set of vector images of my ponysona containing various poses and facial expressions for my YouTube videos. Can anypony help me? If you're up for helping me, I'll message you the details. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  2. Fluttershy174

    Art trade/ wallpaper making

    Hello mlp community, i am amateur photographer from russia, looking for art trade or request. I can make wallpaper/ or design project with you OC/ideas for you, There are examples of my work: Request one, Wallpaper, another example Ill be happy to meet any new artists There is one problem for me - i dont know how to draw ponyes, and asking for trade. Its My OC ( no mark no name because i havent imagination a lot ) - Link one, Link two, Link three, and i need it to be draw in this gray depressive style Example one, Example two
  3. ryuredwings

    Skeeeeeetch Requests?

    Morning everyone! (Actually afternoon where I am, but whatever, it feels like morning to me.) I need to get my drawing game on today, and I figured I would see if anyone wanted to help me out by giving me something to warm up with! You can request canon characters or OC's, although canon is preferred since I draw those quicker. If you'd like me to draw an OC, please provide a reference when you post! FYI, I'm a sucker for drawing princesses, NMM, and Queen Chrysalis. (If you want to see what the hek kind of art you might be getting here's my dA.)