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Found 11 results

  1. There is a good reason why most cartoons do not have live event shows. I recently decided to take on one of the most dreaded things to ever emerge from the My Little Pony franchise: The World's Biggest Tea Party. After years of putting off this review I finally tackle the horse in the room. if you enjoy watching someone suffer and scream a lot about asinine pony productions, I suggest you give this a watch. (Warning: Language not for little ears.) Filly Film Reviews: World's Biggest Tea Party
  2. howdy a while ago i watched a very old (one of the first in fact) mlp fan series on youtube but i think the creators took down the episodes recently it was called sleepover at fluttershy's or something similair. in it the cast (which was all male due to this being made before good mlp impersonates were available) play games while staying in character with the mane six and later the cmc they eventually transition into reading and reacting to the harry potter fan fic called my immortal while still remaining in character. they also did a 1 episode abridged series for season 1 before they took down sleep over at fluttershys and also tried to do a sequel named sleepover at pinkies. i was wandering if anybody remembers this and can point me towards either there origanal group channel or the individual channel's of the members who doubled as both the writers and the voice actors especially the guy who played twilight .
  3. Filly Film Features reviewed the My Little Pony movie. You can see it here:
  4. okay its been a while I just remembered this game Now this game is actually one of the worst games I've played. Lets start off with the story, Okay the story is the war of the roses but with yugioh characters But really. If you think for a second that just because the story is all about The War of the Roses and the battle between The House of York and House of Lancaster that this is going to be a deep game, then let this be a warning to walk away right now. So you go around defeating various characters getting their rose cards now you'll have all 8 of your factions rose cards and you have to get the other factions rose cards to defeat the true final boss (by the way its not Kaiba). you get to choose your deck leader (your avatar in duels) and which faction you pick Red (Yugi) or White (Kaiba) determines who you face through out the game. Except the final boss who is the same just with a different deck master. Other then that the story is just forgettable in my opinion, besides that theres not really much to this story. Now on to the gameplay This game uses a big game board with each deck leader on each side you have to get to the opponent's deck leader to attack them directly. Heres the thing you can't play any spells or traps after you summon a monster and vise versa yeah that's right you're only limited to 1 card per turn so yeah I hope you like extremely limited gameplay , and yeah you have a deck limit meaning your deck can't go over a certain amount of points if it does you can't challenge that opponent meaning you have to completely retool your deck to be at that limit which is equal to or less then that amount, Lets say Panic has a deck limit of 874 if your deck limit exceeds that you cannot challenge panic and this is one thing that hurts the game in my opinion it feels more of a lazily tacked on way to add "challenge" to the game, oh yeah you're only allowed 41 cards in your deck but in reality it adds more frustration then anything else theres little to no strategy involved just get to the other side of the board and beat the crapola out of your opponents you can fusion summon but it eats up your hand and thins your deck extremely fast because you draw cards equal to that amount you used the next turn. so that means if you used up 5 cards you draw 5 the decks you get are crappy and due to the restrictive nature of deck construction you are limited on what you can play. the graphics are okay for the ps2 era nothing stand out great nor terrible the positives there are no real positive things I can say about the game (which is a first for this review series) negatives the forced difficulty because of the deck limit the gameplay the story so overall I give this game a 3/10 don't buy this game unless you're looking to complete your yugioh video game collection just buy tag force 3-6 or just play actual yugioh instead
  5. okay so this is my review on the classic game Luigi's mansion me and this game go waaay back this was one of my favorite GameCube games next to a few others so lets begin shall we? The game starts off with Luigi entering this haunted house that he won in a contest so this is where you get to control Luigi you get to explore the foyer, interact with a few objects and chase down a ghost who has the key to the door upstairs then a cut scene happens after the cut scene you are put in the training room to get used to the controls. The controls are rather solid even though a little stiff but I think that works in the game's favor after the tutorial you go back to the mansion and defeat the ghosts with your trusty vacuum cleaner the poltergeist 3000. so the controls are as follows Analog Stick - This makes Luigi move. The slightest touch and Luigi will tip-toe around. Press it full on to get Luigi moving at a trot. In the Options Menu, you can set the controls to Sidestep so that Luigi's flashlight and vacuum will point in the direction he's moving. Camera Stick - Normally used to control camera angles, in Luigi's Mansion, the yellow camera stick controls where you aim Luigi's flashlight or vacuum cleaner. This is especially necessary when trying to suck up ghosties. A button - Your main action button. Open doors, move or shake objects, and tap on walls. If you are not near an object this button will make Luigi call out "Maaaaaaaaaario!" B Button - When held down, Luigi's flashlight shuts off, leaving poor Luigi in the dark. To startle an undead spook, release the B button to turn the flashlight on when Luigi nears a ghost. X Button - Held down, it takes you into exploration mode with your Game Boy Horror. This is good if you want to look at something closely or if you just want to check out the mansions beautiful interior. For certain ghosts you will need to view their hearts in exploration mode to learn how to defeat them. This mode will also be necessary to enter certain rooms and find secret cash. Y Button - Brings up the map screen. Press up or down on the analogue stick to change floors. Press left or right to rotate the map. Press the A button to zoom in. Pressing B or Y will take you back to the game screen. R Button - Switches your vacuum on so you can suck up ghosts and other items. Hold down to keep on suckin'. L Button - Switch your vacuum from suck to blow You'll need this once you have an element that can turn your vacuum into a real weapon. START Button - Pauses the game. okay so in this game you find cash in objects like dresser drawers vases etc. most of the game's boss ghosts would drop pearls sometimes you get treasure chests that have cash jewels gold bars in them instead of keys depending on how much cash you get does affect your final score so try to get as much treasure as you can . you have 100 hit points as you get hit your big heart starts to shrink a nice idea in my opinion. you can find hearts in objects too I might add. now the enemies are varied and all require different tactics to defeat yeah there are your basic ghosts that can be sucked up real easily, Luigi would have to shake off one ghost that would grab him and immobilize him by sneaking up on him this enemy comes into 2 variants white and red the white variant is harmless but can get annoying in a group. the red variant how ever is more dangerous due to the fact it drains your health when it latches on to you. (I hate this enemy) there is also another ghost who would drop banana peels or some ghosts would have masks that you need to take off before defeating them. so this keeps the player on edge in a way to challenge players in my opinion (but can get annoying after a while) now there are portrait ghosts these are the game's bosses some would require deferent tactics so pay close attention during the fight. after you defeat the last ghost in that area you get a chest with the key to the next area. now after a certain point you find a hatch that releases the game's villain King boo. to get to him you have to get at least 40 boos let me tell you that's no easy task (especially in areas 3 & 4) but the boss fight with king boo is difficult but fun and I died at least 10 times before I beat him. Negatives: the red ghosts that grab on Luigi and drain his health the difficulty spike in certain areas the late game boos are really annoying to catch overall I give this game a 8/10
  6. okay so i decided to start my own review thread on games where i go back and review games from my past todays review is on this game i remember pickin this up at gamestop for i think $14 (not bad) so lets get started on the review shall we? okay so this game is trippy but i love it. way its played you control will and helen each with their own back story emotional baggage, and inner demons that come to life though the forming of nightmares. They meet up with nights a dream clown instanly so they bond with nights (ie nights fuses their esscense into his/herself) To fly around in the world of nightopia (the dream world), and theres this thing call idyea (esscesne of the human spirit). so you play through each of the five main levels and unlock more of the story as you go along. setting the stage for the big finale with wiseman and his right hand man reala its a simple concept but this game pulls it off very well. Only gripe i have with the story that the cutscenes are unskippable so if you want to get stright to the action, you'll have to sit through cutscenes that are a bit long (all though really well done cgi cut scenes) so theres that. this game punishes failure as in you restart the entire chapter if you fail any mission or died during the boss battle but i feel like this is really pushing the line between challenging and unfair, i mean yeah you can challenge the player but not like this that means you'll have to do every stage again fight every boss in that chapter again all because you slipped up. If you run out of time you fail so if you get hit you lose 5 seconds which might affect your final score and that hurts your chance of getting the true ending. The story's structure is a bit wonky and makes a few odd cuts like you get a cut scene telling a fair amount of the story then you get stuck in a odd area. The other gripe i have with this game is that you cant hardly hear will and helen compared to the other characters as if the voice actors for those 2 are half asleep or mumbling thier lines. the gameplay is a mixed bag id say use the wii mote and nunchuck or the gcn or classic controllers the controls are a bit odd and will take some getting used to it's noticable when you are controlling will and helen they have molassis tank controls, its noticeable in aqua garden where will or Helen have to do some platforming to rescue nights. and the turning around as nights is a bit slow but other then these few areas its passible for a wii game (though i wish they would take more care in tweaking these controls a bit better) but the flight controls for nights (using nunchuck and wii mote) arent that bad. heres an example of how inovative the gameplay is for one boss you are in a pitch black room as nights use the paraloop (do a loop as nights) to light up that chunk of the room and attack him directly you'll defeat him and every boss has their own gimmick and ways to defeat them i really like that bout the game gives the game some veretity. the level design is beautiful it is a very beautiful game each level really pops out at you and each are more stunning then the last. and i nearly forgot nights can get these persona masks which turns him/her into a rocket, dragon or a dolphin depending on the situation the usefulness of each one varies. this game isnt terrible but there are some big problems i wish they would've sorrted out so overall i give this game a 7/10
  7. Well, now that I've finished enough of my Friendship is Magic Review to where I'm taking a break from it till at least Season 7 is finished, I'm going to do an Equestria girl review thread here of my own where I relay my thoughts for the movies, shorts, and other televised media that is related to Equestria Girls. I hope that I will have alot of fun watching these Equestria Girls stuff as many of you guys have done so. Now for the quick rundown of my reviews and how I grade em: 10/10 A+=All Time Great: This in my opinion represents the series at it's absolute finest and is one that should be watched by just about anyone. Don't question if you should, watch it and you won't be disappointed. Reserved for stuff that is at least almost perfect in every way and exhibits no flaws or flaws so minute it can be easily explained away. 9.5/10 A=Great: Another fantastic grade for anything to have. This one is where save for one small flaw that prevents it from achieving that A+, it's an excellent episode that is among the series finest. If you have even an inkling of interest, watch it. 9.0/10 B+=Very Good: This grade is for those that does most of what it wants really well and save for one notable problem or a couple of small ones, this grade represents some of the series's better works it has done. 8.5/10 B=Good: This as the title says, it's a good showcase of the series and is one that is definitely recommended for folks save for select picky ones. With a notable problem that does plague and hurt the episode or a few smaller ones, this is about as bare minimum in my opinion that I consider for top episodes in the series. 8.0/10 C+=Above Average: As it says, this is for movies and shorts that does many things right, but it has a few problems that you can't really ignore and would hurt folk's interest in the episode. Still, if you have interest in watching it, you won't be disappointed you would but you'll definitely see some issues in it. 7.5/10 C= Average: Reserved for stuff that does it's story decently enough to make it work well and does have some good things, but it has plenty of things wrong with it that it would annoy some folks. Again, reserved for those who are willing to accept it's flaws and are able to enjoy what it has provided. 7.0/10 D+= Below Average: This one will start drawing it's circle of haters from the amount of flaws it showed in the episode as it's problematic enough to turn folks off from watching it. However, there's still enough good in the episode and it does execute it well enough to make the story work. Should be watched if you're a fan and you're willing to accept what flaws it has but still enjoy the good it has. Perhaps the bare minimum to allow newcomers to see. 6.5/10 D= Mediocre: The bare minimum for a passing grade in review. The story still works, but it has many things wrong with it that many folks will not like and will be turned off by it. Still it does hold some good things to enjoy. Recommended for dedicated fans who are alright with it's flaws but still find enjoyment in it. 6.0/10 F+= Failure: This grade is for those whose story would ultimately fail to push for what it wanted to show for the audience to like due to the amount of flaws in it that would detract from it's intended story. Still has some good things to enjoy but overall it's not something but dedicated fans should be wanting to watch. 5.5-5.0/10 F = Bad: A set of F grades that is to showcase of how the story is pretty bad here and is one that I would recommend folks not to watch due to the amount of bad stuff that would dilute any person's enjoyment in it. Only watch if you're a dedicated fan but even this would test your limits for it. 4.5-4.0/10 F = Terrible: A second set of F grades that are to highlight of how even worse these episodes are. The bare minimum for an animated atrocity grade from Mr. Enter if I were to make a comparison. Only die hards may stomach to watch these as it would piss too many folks off for it's bad quality. 3.5-0/10 F- = Atrocity: The worst grade I can give to anything in my reviews. This stuff is so bad and atrocious that it would piss off even die hards from watching it. Should be mocked and scorned for how it represents the worst the series can get in my honest opinion. Now today, I will push out my EQG movie review today to stat off this thread, hopefully you guys and gals can like it.
  8. Here is a review of the My Little Pony movie. I welcome your thoughts.
  9. PixelGrip94

    Thoughts On The Soundtrack

    Surprised that this forum isn't already up and running since the soundtrack has been out for a couple of days already. Anyway, I just wanted to have somewhere people could post their thoughts on the soundtrack whether it be praise, critique, or what have you. But here's my thoughts on the album. On the whole, I love the crap out of it. The songs from the movie are great and so too are the songs made by different artists (with the exception of one, but I'll get to that in a minute). The movie songs sound great and hearing a lot of the new actors do some of the singing (all of which I had seen in films, but never heard sing before) was a definite treat as all of them do an amazing job in their vocals. The non-movie songs are just as great, being very poppy, upbeat songs that fit in perfectly with the tone and themes of the show. Out of the entirety of the album, I can't really choose a favorite amongst the movie songs since they're all so good, but I can say without a doubt that "Off To See The World" is my favorite of the non-movie songs. I do have a couple of gripes, and while none of them are dealbreakers for me I feel that they should be mentioned. For one thing, I hate the song "Neighsayer". It's incredibly boring, extremely forgettable, and was by far the worst way to end the album. The only positive of the song that I can think of is that because it's at the end of the album, at least you can listen to all the good stuff first so it doesn't taint any song that would've come after it. And while I liked Sia's 'Rainbow' as a whole, I did notice that the song doesn't really have a climax and just sort of sticks to the same tone and tempo as the rest of the song. However, I still like it and it's not too much of a departure from a lot of other songs that Sia has done throughout her discography (of which I made it a point to listen to the entirety of before the album came out to give me potential hype to her song). My only other gripes are the smallest of the bunch and it's these: for one thing, I'm pretty sure they aren't including every song that was in the movie based on multiple sources of information we've heard prior to it's release. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I just have a feeling. The other minor gripe is the lack of any musical score present on the album, but this gripe is by far the smallest since I didn't really expect Hasbro to release any of the movie score since they have neglected to do so for the show itself so I was already expecting it not to happen for the movie. Maybe if the movie is successful enough, they'll release a full score of the movie or at the very least, someone will rip the score from the film when it releases on Blu-Ray, but until then, no dice. While I definitely went more into detail about my dislikes of the album then my likes, know that all around I think this album is great and it definitely brings my hype levels for the movie even higher than they already were from all the other stuff coming out about the movie recently. For any fan of MLP, I highly recommend it and say that you will not be disappointed with it. Buy it. Right now. Here, I'll save you some time and give you a link:
  10. Ok so we all know triek the one that was a big threat to all over equestia even ponyville well we all might know that live Schreiber is playing as a character name strong king I look at the picture of triek and strongking and they both look like but different colors. My theory is they are the same species and there are more of them out there let just hope strong king is a good guy and nothing like triek but we will see in October. What your thoughts on strong king?
  11. Toonamp

    MLP Analyst Link Drop

    Be sure to read the rules. When I see an MLP review, I see an opportunity to learn from each other as each of us have a different perspective on each episode. It is amazing how many times I watch a review of an episode and think, huh, I never looked at it that way before. This is a basic link drop for MLP analyzers to post their reviews all in one post. This a way to give an opportunity for those of us who are and aren’t featured regularly on Equestria Daily. This is also so we don’t clutter the forum with hundreds of different random reviews. Again this is a simple link drop which means that all discussions, comments, counter arguments, etc. should be reserved for the comment section of that particular review. If you come across a review that you like, then you can let others know by using the “Like This” button on the bottom of the post. What to put in your post: Name of episode you are reviewing & name of reviewer Example: The Times They Are a Changeling by DWK (This way it is a lot easier to find a certain review if you're using the forums search feature.) A brief synopsis of your review A link to your review. What is allowed: Links to written, audio, and video reviews of episodes, movies, comics, books, and themes of My Little Pony. Reviews Commentaries Podcasts First Impressions Also I will include things such as some of Dawn Somewhere videos and Littleshys videos as they are a form of analyzation.. What is not allowed: Blind Reactions or any Reaction videos. Fanwork Reviews-Stick to the main cannon series, books, and comics. Attack/Drama anything Pet Projects that is not a review such as TF2, etc. Double Posting-I can understand accidentally posting twice in a row, however, not posting a review once and then posting it again a few days after to get more exposure. Once is enough. Any review older than Aug. 1, 2016-Lets face it, there are a lot of reviews out there and the last thing we need is for someone to dump all of Silverquill’s reviews all at once. Also, be sure to stick to the forum rules as well: I am looking forward in reading, listening, or watching your reviews.