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Found 1 result

  1. So, I've been doing reviews of Friendship is Magic on my fimfic blog and I've gotten up to the end of season three, so I figure I'd share them here, which will hopefully jump-start me doing Equestria Girls and the rest of the series. A few words of warning, though! 1. These reviews were started in 2014. Some of this might be a bit dated with new episodes and whatnot. I may add new stuff at the end with new views, I may not do that. 2. As it says in the title, abandon the usual majority view, because I don't operate that way. There's episodes/character/actions the fandom loves, but I hate. I'm not gonna toe the line. 3. I am primarily what's known as a Doylist. This means that most of the time, I go for out-of-universe answers. It's a script error. It's a continuity error. It's a mistake. The people are human and make those. 4. I don't read the comics. And quite frankly, what I've heard, I'm probably never going to. 5. I loathe protagonist-centered morality, and will call it out when I see it. 6. If you wanna see good episode reviews, go to Nuke's episode review thread here. NEW ONE! 7. I am going to put links and the original dates I did these below the title, for reference. So... here we go! Friendship is Magic Part One Originally posted here on May 12, 2014. We open with... a book opening. Okay, clever. We zoom in on Equestria and hear what I believe to be Celestia's voice saying that the eldest of two sisters uses her unicorn powers to raise the sun, and the youngest raised the moon. I love the visuals and old-timey imagery. As for Celestia's pink mane, it's faded ink or just simply authorial interpretation. And Luna gets jealous as the ponies... live life in an agrarian society. You know, going to bed at night for protection against predators. So she kept the moon up one night. Celestia tried to reason with her... but Luna was now Nightmare Moon. She'd gone to the Dark Side of the Force. Oh, yeah. Celestia tried to reason with her before she turned into Nightmare Moon, for the record. We get our first shot of the Elements of Harmony, and she's banished into the moon. Celestia now works a double-shift, hopefully getting overtime. The voiceover changes to our primary protagonist, Twilight Sparkle, sitting on the grass and reading the book. And she wonders where she's heard of those Elements before. Cue season one intro! Twilight is... not galloping. Hmm, I remember her galloping. Ah, well. She runs across three ponies who invite her to a party by Moondancer. She turns them down and they're miffed with her. I can see both sides. Twilight looks snobbish, but for me in RL, after a couple of hours in any social environment I have to leave or I start getting... antsy. And now she's galloping away. She passes Sparkler and Lyra, who wave but are rebuffed. She goes into what I think is either her apartment in the Royal School for Gifted Unicorns or her home. And she opens the door... and knocks Spike away. Ah, Spike getting abused and treated like crap starts from his first scene! Yeah, not happy. She calls for him, ignores him being on the floor and runs for a book. She notices his destroyed gift for Moondancer and... I'm not liking her attitude to him. Very abrasive here. And not in any way amusing for me. She looks for the book with her TK, but Spike finds it for her... and it TKed to the floor. Not even a 'thank you'. She finds the myth of the Mare in the Moon while Spike tries to reshelve the books. And she finally says 'please' for him to write a note to Celestia. She warns her about Nightmare Moon while Spike stumbles over some words. Cringing a bit here. We get that cool shot of a statue head turning into Nightmare Moon's head. Cool. Spike sends it by using his fire breath to burn it and the ash flies off. We also learn the Summer Sun Celebration is coming up and more Spike abuse! She's also pretty damned smug about Celestia listening to her. He burps up a response. Celestia... tells her to stop reading dusty old books, go to Ponyville, supervise the prep for the Celebration and make some friends. We cut to them flying along and landing in our primary locale. Twilight still doesn't care about friends and says she'll obey the letter of the command, if not the spirit. Shot of Big Mac! "But the fate of Equestria does not rest on me making friends." Famous last words... They land, she is actually polite and... here comes Pinkie Pie. Yeah, not gonna lie. There are times I love Pinkie, there are times I hate Pinkie. This is... not a time I hate her? Twilight says hi. She jumps up, gasps and runs off. Twilight snarks and they walk off to find Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack, bucking a tree and kicking the apples down. Twilight says hi and Applejack nearly shakes her leg off. Spike laughs and I laugh with him. Applejack rings up the family and we get a rather good intro of everyone there. The last three are Big Mac, Applebloom and Granny Smith, the regulars. Twilight spits out the apple, tries to move on but Applebloom flashes puppy-dog eyes. Twilight tries, but eventually relents. Heh. We cut to her walking along with a stuffed belly. They look up and see the sky still cloudy, because rainbow Dash, the next to be introed, hasn't been doing her job. She swoops in and crashes into Twilight, sending them into a mud puddle. She laughs, but at least tries to help Twilight out. She's a jerk, but with a heart of gold. Ego the size of a small planet, mind. Dash expodumps about her dream to join the Wonderbolts. Twilight turns that against her and... Dash states she can clear the sky in ten seconds flat. She then clears the sky in ten seconds flat, subverting the magic clock. For the record, I was the first to add that to the MLP trope page. :D Twilight is left in suitable awe. "I'd never leave Ponyville hanging." Dash says she wants to hang out while Spike laughs at Twilight. They go to Town Hall and Twilight is impressed with the decor. Spike, however, is impressed with Rarity. It's love at first sight. Okay, the whole 'Sparity' ship? I dunno. He's a kid and she's this world's equivalent of an adult. There's draconic aging and... it's just a bit odd for me. Anyway. Rarity sees Twilight and is aghast with Twilight's mane. She grabs her, hauls her off to Carousel Boutique and... Fashion! turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right! Twilight says she's from Canterlot and Rarity fangirls about it. She's a diva, but a good diva. Twilight is freaked, and while Rarity runs off for rubies she hauls flank. And finally... Fluttershy and her bird chorus. It is adorable. Twilight startles her and they fly off while Fluttershy goes into shutdown mode. Twilight is... awkwardly adorable, too. That final squeak by Fluttershy at the end is quite cute and makes me wanna hug her. Twilight turns to leave, but Fluttershy sees Spike and goes all 'cool!' Spike gets some much-needed respect and Fluttershy is adorable. Twilight tries to run off, but Fluttershy follows and Spike tells her his life story. He says he started as a purple egg, and then continues. Twilight finally reaches Golden Oaks Library and tries to get rid of Fluttershy, knocking Spike about. Fluttershy tries to help him, but Twilight shoves her aside, turns the light on... And PARTY! Nice brick joke with Pinkie Pie. Twilight is... not pleased. To be fair, neither would I. But Pinkie's heart is in the right place, and she's not causing property damage. Nor is Twilight actually saying to her to get out. We also get our first shot of Ditzy/Derpy/Bright eyes/Bubble Butt/Muffin Head/Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. ... Now I wonder if there are Cowboy Bebop ponies. Ah, well! So, yeah. Twilight is not pleased because she needs to do research. Pinkie is... Pinkie, a motor mouth. Again, heart in right place. Twilight tries to get drunk while Pinkie gathers the Mane Six together. But it's hot sauce. Pinkie likes it on cupcakes! Hmm, there was this guy at a restaurant I worked at who used to take Tabasco sauce, mix it with rice pilaf, put it in those little coleslaw cups and basically do Tabasco sauce/rice shots with them. We cut to Twilight and it's night. Spike comes in, lampshade on head. Twilight's pissed. I do love her 'meemeemee' in the background when Spike leaves. She sees the moon, repeats the prophecy and the stars begin moving. Spike invites her to Town Hall and we go there for the Summer Sun Celebration. The bird chorus sings, Mayor Mare introduces Princess Celestia and... we see the head-shaped shadow on the moon disappear. And Celestia... no shows. Uh, oh. "This can't be good." Pinkie Pie tries to... keep ponies calm while Rarity announces she's gone. Hmm, forgot she was up there. A dark cloud rises up and... Nightmare Moon appears. We have a brief CMC foreshadowing while Nightmare Moon does an evil villain monologue, Dash tries a frontal attack, Pinkie Pie does a name-guessing game and Applejack, caught in the middle, tries to decide which one to kill. She finally stuffs an apple into her mouth. Good call. Nightmare Moon is creepy to Fluttershy and Rarity, while down below Twilight confronts her. The ponies gasp and Nightmare Moon says that, yup, this day was their last. "The Night! Will last! Forever!" And cue thunder and lightning. And 'to be continued'. Thoughts Okay... it's a good sign when the worst I really can say is, 'it's a little rough due to it being the pilot'. No, seriously. This holds up quite well. Twilight is a bit of a jerk... which makes sense, since this is before friendship. I will admit I'm not fond of Spike's treatment, but that's probably because of how the next four seasons treat him. It's not something that sits well with me. Good worldbuilding already, nice, fleshed-out characters, yeah. This is still pretty damned good. I can't promise new pics every new episode, but...