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Found 8 results

  1. ButtercupSaiyan

    Zarcian Tundra roleplay topic

    Make a mothpony and we'll make you a home in the cheerful frozen north! All moths worship the Sacred Flame, the bats and changelings are our enemies here, and we only trust ourselves and distrust strangers. But, still, we can make friends if we're given the chance. Would you like to know more about Zarcia...?
  2. Hi everyone! I've come bearing the gift of a chance to dust off your old MLP ocs with a friendly roleplay server! The server takes place in an alternate universe where ponyville never existed! You can find the server here! The community is friendly and welcoming. We havent been quite active since the server died off a bit after the school year started but we're looking to revive it! FAQ is there a currency system? yes! We use bits as an IC currency and Diamonds as an OOC currency What kinds of characters can we use in the rp? Most species from the show! Do you do events? We try to do events for every holiday and we might do weekly events What other stuff do you have in the server? We have a commissions system where you can take commissions for diamonds, your OC can own their own shop, go to school, be in relationships, get married, have children, own a home and more! Are hybrids allowed? Yes! Do the canon characters exist and can we use nextgens? The canon characters dont exist. You can use the design for nextgens in the rp but you cant have their parents be canon characters
  3. TwiYeet

    mlp apocalypse roleplay

    In Equestria a spread of disease has infected 72% of the current population my name is Dawn and with the few remaining rations I have, ...i... I might not be able to survive for much longer so I'm hiding out in the old boutique in Ponyville, most zombies don't come to the town cause of its strong magical aura. Usually by nightfall I have make sure doors are locked and covered same with windows, and have a gun hidden near me. This has been day 96 out.
  4. TwiYeet

    Celvees world of wonders

    Celvee the Pegasus has lived in the everfree forest his entire life. He has finally decided to step out into the world of Equestria. Follow Celvee in his journey to make friends and be exepted in the beautiful town of ponyville.
  5. What_am_I?


    Rules Be nice Don't be very inappropriate
  6. SkullyUnder♡Tale


    A Undertale Roleplay Topic
  7. Princess Mercury

    Fun Roleplay, OCs ONLY!!!!

    It's a beautiful night, I'm looking for something dumb to do Hey, baby It's RP Time This RP is dedicated to all Original Characters, so get your computer ready because we're making OCs
  8. Welcome to Equestrian Voice, the online forum for inhabitants of Equestria. Begin your posts with the name (or username) of your OC, in a color appropriate to the character. All posts should be in-character, as if an Equestrian were posting to a web forum. (Please place any OOC content in a "code" block, by using the <> button.) Dawn's Glint posted: Heya, everypony. I'm heading to Manehattan soon. I haven't been there in over a decade, so I was wondering -- where should I eat? I don't want to spend hours searching for the perfect spot (at least not every day), but I also don't want to get stuck eating at Hayburger because I can't think of anything better. Last time I was there, I went to a dumpling house in Chineigh town, The Lucky ... Somethingorother. It was great and I think I'd recognize it if I saw it. Some of the street food was really good, others really mediocre, and aside from that, I really don't remember. So, any locals or frequent visitors have any suggestions? I'm up for just about anything, as long as it doesn't involve meat. (Once I wandered into a minotaur bar-and-grill, and the smell of grilling pig meat put me off of dinner.)