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Found 3 results

  1. ButtercupSaiyan

    Zarcian Tundra roleplay topic

    Make a mothpony and we'll make you a home in the cheerful frozen north! All moths worship the Sacred Flame, the bats and changelings are our enemies here, and we only trust ourselves and distrust strangers. But, still, we can make friends if we're given the chance. Would you like to know more about Zarcia...?
  2. As a way to keep this place semi alive while I work on new RPs, and also for shits and giggles among you people, I have decided to create a hub for your characters to explore, talk with others, and do generally whatever you want. 4th wall does not exist here, and dimensions collide or whatever… it’s sort of like the Nexus from Heroes of the Storm. Any character you have made is allowed in the hub, from ponies, humans, aliens, demons, or weird blobs of… something sentient (like the Smooze). You can also talk with your character yourself if you’re lonely. As for the hub itself, it is an expansive futuristic looking place with various amenities (feel free to be creative, the hub is there for you and do anything you wish). Various doors are on one end with nameplates above them with the names of active and new RPs, you can roleplay your character going in to “spectate” or even join the roleplay if you wish. Everything else you can do is limited to your imagination, so go wild. However, no place is without rules of course, please abide to the General Forums Rules, as well do not attempt to destroy the hub, I mean you can try… but it won’t work, it self repairs at an alarming rate and weapons can not be drawn inside due to a pacification aura. Any violation of rules will result in that OC being ejected into a black hole. Now then, have fun! Go wild! Kill eachother for fun and prof- “No… no killing… pacify remember?” Oh right… thank you Shadow… got a little carried away. “Everything ready yet?” “Yeah I want to do science.” One moment let me finish… “Hey Badshot-” “Yeah?” Not you dummy she meant me… “Oh right…” “Why do you two share the same name again?” “It’s just my codename, also it was his idea ask him.” Because my original intention when making you in that game was not to make you an OC. Now then what did you need Crystal? “Is there a place me and Shadow can put our cocoon?” Uh yeah, it’s over there… should be an empty room. “It’ll do.” Ok now where was I? “You have food here?” Are you blind? “Not particularly.” Then you’d see them… “I still don’t know where it is.” How are you a recon when you can’t find food… whatever I don’t have time for this… Uhh… crap I forgot what I was doing… ah screw it everyone go nuts… *Badshot returns to his dungeon* “Hey where are his new OCs at?” “I think they’re stuck in transit.” (post entrances or what have ye, I don't care how or when or why, you don't even need an entrance if you don't want to do one just have your person pop up or something)
  3. Lumia

    Ponyville RP

    A role play of ponies doing pony things in ponyville. Roam around Ponyville and talk to everyone! All ocs welcome! Please keep language appropriate!