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Found 5 results

  1. With the announcement of My Little Pony: The Roleplaying Game by Renegade Game Studios I've been expecting River Horse to throw in the towel. However, in response to a query on Facebook, the company insists that Tails of Equestria remains "a continued product" for at least the immediate future. Whether this will continue to be the case after the new game releases (reportedly in the third quarter of 2022) I cannot say. Regardless, no new products have been announced for ToE since last year's Compendium of Equestria. Personally, I'd still like to see the official addition of playable Bat-ponies. I would also like a supplement based on IDW's Season 10 MLP comics. I doubt that River Horse can do anything based on the G5 movie or series, but who knows?
  2. Renegade Game Studios announces the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game. Here is their original post: Announcing the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game! Posted by Renegade Games on Mar 22nd 2022 Friendship is Magic! Pre-orders of the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game and My Little Pony Roleplaying Game Deluxe Core Rulebook come with a PDF copy of the rulebook at no additional cost! The books and accessories are all expected to release in Q3 2022. In the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game, players craft their own custom pony character to use in this storytelling game of friendship and magic, as they combat various Threats and other problems in Equestria and beyond! The Game Master can use pre-written adventures (in the Core Rulebook and supplements) or use adventure hooks presented in the book to create all new stories for the players to enjoy. Features: Create your own unique My Little Pony Full rulebook for running your own My Little Pony Roleplaying Game One Gamemaster leads the story with a group of players Contains introductory adventure for new team Full color hardcover book with 304 pages with ribbon bookmark A Renegade Exclusive Deluxe Core Rulebook is also available to pre-order, featuring a beautiful foil-stamped cover (image available soon). In addition to the core book, we're excited to offer several great accessories for the My Little Pony Roleplaying Game. First up is the In A Jam Adventure and GM's Screen. This handy package includes the 32-page In A Jam adventure for players levels 1-3, as well as a 4-panel GM screen packed with useful reference for the GM, and covered in beautiful My Little Pony artwork on the player's side! Pre-orders will also come with a PDF copy of the included adventure. Next up, dice as sparkly and wonderful as your ponies! The My Little Pony Roleplaying Game Dice Set includes everything you need to play, from d2 up to d20! These glitterific dice will surely help you harness the power of friendship to save Equestria! If you're rocking a set of dice as pretty as those above [not pictured due to the size of the image, sorry!], you'll surely want to keep them safe and sound in the matching Dice Bag! The bag features a high-quality double lining to protect those sparkly dice, and a locking drawstring to keep things where you put them between gaming sessions! Last, but certainly not least, we've got a My Little Pony Roleplaying Game Character Journal on the way. This 80-page hardcover journal features not only a massively expanded character sheet with character creation prompts and history pages for your pony and their companions, but also plenty of space to record your adventures, the friends you make, and the problems your party solves! The luxurious linen-look cover sports a foil stamped My Little Pony design (images coming soon), and you'll never lose your place thanks to the built-in ribbon bookmark!
  3. I came up with this a few months ago and just recently revised it. I game my Bat ponies Stout Heart (D4) because it works well for my conception of them as being stronger and more robust than a Pegasus and because I saw that this was also done with the Kirin. BAT PONY (CREATURE OF THE SKY) Talents: Fly (D6), Night Vision (D4), Stout Heart (D4), Pick one appropriate Cutie Mark talentQuirks: Weakness: Bright Light (D6), Choose one Accustomed to the harsh winds of the Trotsylvanian Alps, Bat ponies are strong flyers--though not as agile as Pegasi--with bat-like wings, tufted ears and cat-like eyes with slit pupils that allow them to see very well at night. They typically have gray coats, black wings and dark-colored manes and tails, though other coat and mane colors do occur. It's true that Bat ponies have fangs, mostly used for sucking the juice out of fruits--a favorite being mangoes. Bat ponies dwell in a chain of mountains located east of Equestria, and might be related to Pegasi (though Bat ponies themselves dispute this). Bat ponies make up the Night Guard of Princess Luna.Bat ponies are nocturnal by nature. Prolonged, unprotected exposure to sunlight or other bright light can cause blindness that lasts from several hours up to a couple of days. Their unusual appearance and nocturnal habits, combined with a reputation for fierceness, have given rise to the rumor that Bat ponies are vampires; however, this is just a tall tale spread by superstitious ponies. Other names: Cavalum; Noctral(s); Sarosian(s); Thestral(s). Night Vision (D4) A pony with this talent can see very well in the dark, though not in complete blackness. The downside is that the pony also gains the quirk of Weakness: Bright Light
  4. The latest newsletter from RiverHorse.EU: Source
  5. From Forbes: Exclusive: Renegade Game Studios Extends Partnership With Hasbro