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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have some concerns regarding the site terms on EQD Forums. To summarize, one is a pet peeve regarding spam/gravedigging while the other is more serious and pertains to maintaining legally responsible global rules and/or terms of service. Gravedigging: While I admittedly haven't seen so many problems with this in our humble village, I think it's bound to happen (especially in regard to those Chinese spammers who keep showing up). Gravedigging (posting on a very old or dead thread) is generally not considered socially acceptable anywhere and I was very surprised not to see basic rules against this. Eg. User in 2015: Is anyone going to see the MLP movie? User today: No, its production was cancelled. Updating Compliance with US Law: Apparently our servers are based in the US, and I think this is important because EQD Forums could really be more clear that it is in compliance with the 1998 Childrens' Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which is a federal law here in the states pertaining to how a business or "service" (such as a forum) may collect information (including so little as a username) from minors under the age of 13. If you have ever used a board which says you must be at least 13 to post there, it's often due to the site owner's wishes to comply with these regulations. "The Rule applies to operators of commercial websites and online services (including mobile apps) directed to children under 13 that collect, use, or disclose personal information from children. It also applies to operators of general audience websites or online services with actual knowledge that they are collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13. The Rule also applies to websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information directly from users of another website or online service directed to children." - Trade Commission FAQ (See Below) "Personal information" includes: - Name - "Persistent Identifier" (Username) - Email - Other personally identifying information The following example of such a forum policy is taken from another pony forum: "In addition to a desire to keep young children away from content that they - or their parents - are likely to find objectionable, this minimum [age restriction] has also been set into place to ensure that the forum remains in compliance with the American Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and similar laws." See the FTC FAQ here:
  2. WeAreBorg

    Global Forum Rules

    The Equestria Daily Forum Rules as they stand... Friendship is Magic. Regardless of how close to your heart and soul you hold the lessons of friendship taught by our favorite show, we can all agree that being friendly towards your fellow forum goers is best for everyone. This place is for you and everyone so have a good time and make some friends! Use your words for wisdom on the forum and save your weapons for war in one of our game servers. Be respectful of other forum users. Personal attacks on other members are most certainly not allowed. Do not provide porn to masses. We have legally underage users here and it is your responsibility to not make it easy for them to get the good stuff. This includes links, signatures, chat, voice and avatar pictures. Please post topics in their relevant categories and sections. It keeps things clean and cleanliness is next to Princessliness. Feel free to message a mod if you dun goofed and need your post moved. No reposting of EQD posts. Instead of doubling down on a conversation, please visit Equestria Daily's main site blog posts to talk on Disqus about the main site blog posts! Please wait 48 hours before posting about an identical topic on a blog post. This obviously doesn't include talk about upcoming episodes or movies. No leeching off the user base. We ask that you respect our hard work building our community by not posting links just to lead people to your own website. That's not very friendly! Role Play in the Hive. Unleashing your inner pony on an unsuspecting populace is practically an act of war. Please RP in designated containment areas only! Additionally please keep the language PG-13 as foals are out and about in full force. Threats of suicide are not allowed. This is not an appropriate venue to post your outcries for help if only for the sole reason that forums are a slow moving medium of discussion. Please find yourself a hotline if you need help. Rules are subject to change to close loopholes!