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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone!I am selling some of my handmade plushies once I bought, they are really well cared, qualified, none is in bad condition, you can see their photos also.If you are interested in purchasing any here is the shop link; See more images here; See more images here: See more images here: Thank you so much for reading and I hope they find good homes! Take care and have a great day! <3 PS: (As in the rules prices are fixed and it can't change, the prices are the one that you see on Etsy no more or no less.)
  2. Rainbowsrfun

    SELLING Brony con 2016 Ticket

    Hello all I have 1 Bronycon Ticket that i am Selling. It is a Three day pass which gets you All weekend access 2016 convention book Bronypalooza admission Grand Galloping Galla admission It is a code, that you will put in to buy your online ticket, Once you use the code all information will be under your name! so if your buying it for someone else, make sure they put the code in! I will be selling this Ticket for $50.00 USD dollars, no fee for shipping since you will get the code via online. Bronycon is July 8-10th in Baltimore Maryland. If you are interested in buying this, leave a comment or PM me, You may also negotiate the price with me, but keep in mind i am selling it for $20 cheaper than what they sell for at the convention. I accept paypal.