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Found 5 results

  1. After watching "Analyst Bronies React: Season 7 Finale "Shadow Play", I can understand many of the points that they made. However, if you really think about it, Starswirl was just as much to blame for what happen as Twilight. Now you may ask, "How can that be?" Well, when you think about it, if he had placed a note in his journal, telling whoever came across it, not to reverse the spell, maybe the Mane 6 would've been more cautious about it. Now let's say Twilight still wanted to reverse the spell, she could've done it in a way, that like in the S4 premiere , she could've put her own spin on it, and like later on in Part 2 of "Shadow Play", assumes she's figured out a way to bring the Pillars back without the Pony of Shadows, only to have it backfire, for example, when it at first it seems to have work, and even Starswirl seems impressed, but as they start to leave Ponhenge along with the Pillars, that's when the lighting hits and the Pony of Shadows emerges, and as they all turn around and see this, that's when Twilight realizes her own spin on the spell failed. Another thing is, if they wanted to involve Celestria and Luna a bit more, they could've had Starswirl teach them (back in the past) not opening or reverse any kind of spell that's meant to protect Equestria, and then have them pass it on to their future students. One thing some fans have taken issue with, is Starlight being the voice of reason, and basically being the one that saw the bigger picture of the situation and realized that there was possibly more to this than what was being telegraphed. And the reason that was, was because she was using her past experiences as an antagonist and what she had learned as Twilight's Student to realize that they were only getting one side of the story and not the other, and when they finally did get that side of the story, the reaction of the Pillars and StarSwirl was one of, "Oops! We Fu**Yeah** upped! Because they realized that hear their friend out on his reasoning for taking their items, and his reasoning, was because he wanted to help them in battle. And Starlight's reaction towards when this revelation was made, was one of, "See, Stygin was ready to talk and explain his actions" One other thing, is some fans may not like the fact, that it took towards the end of part 2 for her friends to stick up for Twilight, but my guess, is they love and respected Twilight enough, as to not confront Starswirl's berating of her, that was until he didn't even get a look see or consideration to her proposed plan/spell, and guess that was moment that the rest of the Mane 6 were basically "Enough of this berating crap of our friend!" So overall, yes!, "Shadow Play" was/is possibly one of the best Season Finale's the Show has done. But yet there are issue's here and there, that some members of the fanbase will take issue with, either positively or negatively. But those are just my thoughts. What did you guys think of what I had to say? Take Care!
  2. bwrosas

    Shadow Play Review

    I finally got a chance to view (skim through) the 2parter, and I have to say that they did a great job with this one. I did enjoy Twilight's Fangirling over getting a chance to meet Starswirl pony to pony. I also liked how when they went to Ponhenge, that thanks to Starswirl's journal being set down on his pillar, that they got to see what exactly happened to Starswirl and the other Pillars in their final fight (at the time) with the Pony of Shadows. Now some folks may not like the fact that Starlight was the one that basically was trying to be and ended up being the voice of reason in this, but I actually enjoyed her role here. The reason being that, when Twilight and Sunburst were planning to free the Pillars from Limbo, that she was the one that pointed out that maybe they (The Pillars) had a reason for letting themselves be imprisoned in limbo with the Pony of Shadows, and that perhaps they shouldn't really mess with what was done. Heck, she even twice (before the spell was cast to free the Pillars) used/mentioned her past example of using StarSwirl's Time-Travel spell (S5 Finale) and how that almost turned out badly as a way of getting her point across to Twilight and Sunburst. She also was the one the realized that when The Cutie Map Called all the Mane 6's Cutie Marks at once, that it only does that when there's a Friendship Problem to be solved. And her reaction when Rainbow's calling the Cutie Map a Super-Duper Villain Tracker, after Rarity referenced the last time they were all called by the map, was to her village, I found hilarious. And Yes, I did like the fact that despite feeling down because Twilight wasn't listening to her (due to Twilight trying to impress and prove herself to Starswirl), she still stuck up for Twilight in the end and used her past experience to help Twilight free Stygian from the Pony of Shadows. Now speaking of that moment, after Twilight enters the POS and she meets Stygian, I loved how the Pillars all had the look of surprise and realization that they actually caused Stygian to be manipulated by the POS, because they didn't realize that he wasn't betraying them, all he was doing was trying to help them, by trying to make copies of their artifacts, so he could join them in their missions to protect Equestria. To me this was a good moment for the Pillars character development , because once they finally heard Stygian's reasoning for taking their artifacts, they all realized that they screwed up, by assuming something that wasn't true and not giving Stygian a chance to explain his reasoning. And that everything that occurred 1000 years ago could've been avoided had they just listened and not assumed. One thing I did really enjoy was when StarSwirl dismissed Twilight's plan (to trap the POS) at first, that the rest of the Mane 6 (finally having enough of his treatment of her at the time) stood up for her and explained to him that she never does anything half way when it comes to magic. Rainbow even mentioned her getting her wings, because she finished writing one of his spells. (Someone get a group screenshot of the Mane 6 from this scene) And finally, Starswirl's interaction with Luna and Celestria at the end, I thought was well done and cute. Overall, this was definitely a good Season Finale, and one I would highly recommend seeing again and again. The animation was good, the Mane 6's , along with Starlight, Spike and Sunburst character development's during their search for the Pillars artifacts and throughout the 44min finale was done very well. And surprisingly there was no musical numbers in this one, which I will (as good as some of the songs are throughout the series) admit is a welcomed bonus, because it allows the story to flow much smoother, and nothing feels rushed, so kudos for that. I can also see, where some felt that this could have served better, story wise for the MLP Movie, than what we got instead, but hey both were very good in the end. Now this does open doors for S8, S9, and S10 (which with the last two I believe we will get), and the stories and arcs that can be explored in those seasons, because of this finale. Rating A+ 10/10 Comments and Replies are Welcomed.
  3. This will contain spoilers, watch if you like. But here (thanks to clips via leaks shown online), I discuss the origins of the Elements of Harmony and where they really came from, what the're really about, and what the Elements Orginal Names were. Comments are Welcomed #MLPFIM #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC_SHADOWPLAY #THEELEMENTSOFHARMONY
  4. Note: There are unmasked spoilers for the S7 finale in this thread, so if you're weary of them, be careful! With the S7 finale revealed comes a "brand-new" villain. Back in Castle Mane-ia, we were introduced to the Pony of Shadows, though it was done primarily as a joke. Early speculation indicated this Pony of Shadow was Tirek, because the cloak from both figures looked identical. However, that's not the case, and the Pony of Shadows is his own entity. This opens to a lot of theories of who the PoS is, what he does, and what purpose he has. What are your theories of the Pony of Shadows? Please lay as many as possible. Don't be afraid to post a crackpot theory and run with it if you feel you can. Given the show's history, it might be there. I have five of them in mind. If not taking any of the comics prior to this season's tie-ins into account, he may've been responsible for Luna transforming into Nightmare Moon in the first place. He was able to channel her biggest insecurities and transform them into eventual jealousy and bitterness of Celly. The Pony of Shadows's real form is a generic pony. Every pony in this series is stylized to give it some character, but the PoS is the opposite and takes form after feeding on negative energy. To go into specifics with the negative energy, the Pillars of Magic trapped in Limbo each have a moment that eats them up so much they can't let go and truly rest in peace. The PoS takes advantage of their guilt by eating it to create shape and generate grand powers, some of which copycat the souls he victimizes. The only way they can defeat him is for them to finally let it go and put it behind them. The Pony of Shadows is able to trigger each of their biggest regrets. Think about how Sombra lays a trap in the Crystal Castle, where opening the door triggers their biggest fear at that moment. Instead of a dark object, the PoS himself triggers it whenever he can. This tactic humanizes our heroes further and makes the PoS look like an even eviler scumball than he already is. The Pony of Shadows is a Legend of Magic himself, one that went bad. The Legends arc seems to be tapping forth the eight magical items that Twilight stated in TCM, Part 2. If the PoS is a Legend of Magic, that'd make seven, one for each of the Mane ponies. Once you consider what Starlight did and how much she's overcome since Re-Mark, she may be able to channel in the PoS's biggest flaws and fears and see him as her. If it goes this route, I think it makes sense for the PoS to be redeemed, so the Pillars of Ancient Equestria can unite as one.