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Found 2 results

  1. I cannot be the only one. We all wish for our own personal episode about some Grand epic adventure or a little back story. But what about just some good old-fashioned Slice of Life episodes? I don't hear enough episode ideas about the Mane 6 meeting a Stan Lee pony who writes comic books inspired by them, or a episode about a rivalry between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, or an episode about Rarity just trying to finish her errands but but is always stopped to help someone that not only takes up her time but also her resources and supplies which caused her to go back and buy more stuff just for it to be used up in another situation. These are the ideas that I want to hear in this thread let me know what you got for a casual Slice of Life episode of My Little Pony.
  2. ABronyAccount

    Your Podcast Library

    Downloadable audio you consume wherever! Share your favorites and/or plug your own show! I'll start out with my current regulars. WARNING! These podcasts reveal my shocking true nature as a tremendous nerd. Revolutions. After he said all there was to be said about Rome in the West, podcaster Mike Duncan moved on to podcast about famous revolutions in a podcast called... well you know. It starts with the English Civil War, moves on to the American Revolution, the French Revolution (the longest series to date), the Haitian revolution, and is currently in the opening stages of the Spanish American revolution south of Mexico. Episodes are creeping up to the 45-minute mark. Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is a less frequent but more in-depth, focused series spotlighting unusually intense moments in time and often exploring the human experience under extreme conditions. Whereas Mike Duncan has a dry delivery punctuated with wit, Dan Carlin employs a compelling and emphatic narrative style meant to drag you kicking and screaming through the darkness and uncertainty of worlds undone and remade in bloody conflict. The current and several previous series are available for free. Older episodes eventually fall into a paywall, but Wrath of the Khans and Death Throws of the Republic are both excellent series that are worth your few bucks. The length of each episode has gradually ballooned from about an hour to about five hours over the life of the podcast and new updates are much less frequent because of all the time it takes to research, write, record, and produce them. Startalk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson! Join the jovial director of the Hayden Planetarium each week with a comedian guest host and knowledge-ful guests as they discuss topics related to astronomy, science, and culture in general. Although the first season is paywalled to help support the show, seasons 2-6 (current) are free! The show has changed slightly over the years and now the list of special hosts has grown to include the likes of Bill Nye, with comedian Chuck Nice regularly cohosting. Each episode is 50-56 minutes long with the occasional promo break. I have to highlight a particularly special 2-parter from season 2, a one-on-one interview between Dr. Tyson and Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura on Star Trek). Star Trek is the least interesting and beautiful part of this interview. Part 1 - A Conversation with Nichelle Nichols Part 2 - NASA and Nichelle Nichols - this one also cuts back to discussion with co-host Leighann Lord while Tyson and Nichols discuss her career with NASA as a recruiter for astronauts of color and women. "NASA did not look like America until the Shuttle program." Planetary Radio by the Planetary Society, a private non-profit space exploration group founded by Carl Sagan and now headed by Bill Nye that has successfully tested several innovative satellites and space technologies. The weekly podcast is a roundup of the latest news in space exploration, and interviews with the people who make it happen. Episodes range from just under half an hour to just over an hour. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! Podcasts I used to follow which are completed or no longer updating: The History of Rome by Mike Duncan was a great dive into the ancient nation, from its founding in the hazy fog of legends to the implosion of the Western Empire (the Eastern Empire, or Byzantium, is left to a different podcast inspired by the original). The episodes start out as 12-minute chunks but eventually settle on a 30-40 minute format, and there is a noticeable increase in production quality and dry humor as the series progresses. All told there are 190 episodes, announcements, and supplementals; nearly 74 hours of listening. The Pi Podcast by Joe Ressington, Isaac Carter, and Albert Hickey. Much slimmer at 30-40 minutes per episode over only 28 episodes covering about a year of news and interest in that amazing little $35 dollar computer, the Raspberry Pi. Bronyville by Apple Cider and Chef Sandy (and friends) tracked pretty closely along the course of the fandom from early 2011 through the middle of 2016 when they decided to close down shop. 208 official episodes with 224 offerings in all, including convention panel recordings, off-panel interviews with show staff, and even tabletop pony RPG sessions. Almost 400 hours of pony podcast! Alright forums, your turn!