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Found 10 results

  1. Light Blade

    SunLight Fan Club

    One talented unicorn got lost on her life way, and ended up doing some nasty things in the world beyond Equestria. That was until the other pony came to confront and ultimately stop her. But instead of getting sent to oblivion, the wronged unicorn was convinced to start everything anew. And despite all of the hardships, she succeeded in becoming a nice and friendly pony herself. But unbeknownst to everypony, a very special bond has been established between the unicorn and her new friend and mentor. They have become something more than just friends. Their feelings have evolved. Both of them have become the other half of one another. Both now shall be spreading the Magic of Friendship. Together! WELCOME TO THE SUNLIGHT FAN CLUB! The place where one is free to discuss and adore the love of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer. Some Rules for Y'all: ☆ There is another one, in human world, bearing the name and likeness of our princess. My kindest request to you to keep her posts with away from here. This Fan Club has nothing to do with her; ☆ Bear in mind that there is a younger ones out there! With that said, no NSFW content is allowed. The SUGGESTIVE content is allowed to a certain limit. Please choose the pictures and words carefully; ☆ This is a Fan Club, not Hate Order. If there is something not-exactly-nice you have to say about this place, Twilight, Sunset, or virtually anypony or anything, then please keep that at bay; ☆ Whatever them good old EqD Forums rules have to say!
  2. Below is a link to the story ideas I have for each ship. They are just short summaries, feel free to comment on the journal if you have other ideas! Alternate Verse - Shipping Help! I would also like to take this time to thank all who participate! I will update when I have chosen a ship!
  3. These are two very good questions, espeically when it comes too, (with all due respect) #GoldenFox and #MisAnthroPony, and their thoughts on it. So here I discuss this topic and try to answer these two questions Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #Sparity #RarityxSpike #SpikexRarity #RaritySpike #SpikeRarity #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
  4. (Audio Only). With "She's All Yak" teasing, if not pushing a Sandbar x Yona ship, it's got the shipping discussion up and running again. So here I discuss the shipping of characters, some that are canon, (semi or teased/hinted at), some that fans use moments and scenes to justify, and some that possibly that we don't see coming, but certain moments in the show could prove otherise. Here I discuss it all (as best I can) Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #MLPShipping #MyLIttlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #Romance #Love #Teased
  5. Giving my theory on why this ship is teased by the show, and why IMO , they will go with it in the future. Comments are Welcomed
  6. The only way any kind of ship can happen, is when they decide to end the show, and the final (which I still believe will be 10) season occurs , that is where I believe any kind of ship for the Mane 6 or any other MLP character will happen and become official.
  7. Here I talk about what the message is and could be. You may or may not agree with it, but it's from what I see Comments are Welcomed
  8. I mean At least do some kind of follow-up and at least acknowledge what possibly could be for the MANE 6, and don't just tease and hint at it for one-time only or several-times only, and not do nothing, do something! Comments are Welcomed
  9. ABronyAccount

    Reveal Your Ships

    Expose us to your guilty little pleasure: imaginary romantic pairings of Equestria Girls characters! Throw in your fan character favorites and non-canon EQG-ized versions of MLP characters too, if they haven't had an on-screen role (yet?). Yes, it's okay to proclaim your undying love for the undying love of ChrissyPuff! But don't just drop a shipname and be done with it! Give us a little detail about the pairing. Why does it hook you? Did you run across it in another fan's works? Is there some teensy iota of their third-level characterizations that you're sure makes them absolutely perfect for each other? Do you just like the color scheme? Do you prefer Alternate Universe (AU) or Fanon versions of the actual EQG characters, and if so why? Also, play nice! Please don't trash another fan's ships. Now, feed me your blackmailable secrets share your most squeeable couples with the community!
  10. If this fandom can ship Rainbow Dash with the kitchen sink, then I'm sure we can find some interesting and/or humorous ways of shipping a pony and a real person. For instance: Jenn Blake & Rarity Neil Armstrong & Princess Luna Albert Einstein & Twilight Sparkle And why not tell us why, too?