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Found 1 result

  1. Ikaribunbun

    Sky stinger and Vapor trail

    Ok so for some reason today I can't get these two outta my head and not in a good way. You see I rewatched the episode top bolt where these two were introduced to see what my previous gripe with the character Sky stinger was. Upon rewatching I realized that his cocky attitude and stubborn personality made me incredibly uncomfortable even now as I write this,you see the show heavily implies a strong bond between him and Vapor trail and I believe it given the small backstory we got;my problem however is that it feels like Vapor shouldn't put up with him or even like him as much as she does. Now that being said I would feel a bit better if he was a kinder more thoughtful person while still having that confident personality that he has (similar to RD). idk I just feel tha whille a part of me likes seing them together another feel unreasonably uncomfortable and uneasy and I don't know why! So anyways this might just be silly tbh,I'm 100% sure I've felt this way before over other couples/friends in media but I could never point out what it was exactly. But yeah what are your thoughts? Do you feel a similar way? do you like these two romantically or platonically? Anyways whatever it is just leave a response and if you can help me find why I'm uncomfortable with Sky stinger then please let me know!