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Found 4 results

  1. Animekitty47

    Song Association Game

    Hi everyone! Since the MLP Association Game seems to have a tendency for song postings, I figured I'd start a Song Association Game. Basically, first person posts a song, then the next person posts a song it reminded them of and so on. It doesn't have to be MLP related songs, of course, anything goes! Well, maybe not anything... Since this is an EQD forum, I'll start with something pony related anyway.
  2. What is your favourite pony vocal song that is not a remake of songs that are in the show
  3. H e l l o, e v e r y p o n y ! Do you like songs from you-know-which show and you-know-which movies? Like some more? Like some less? Well I have just conjured for us this cute little topic to talk about them! Go ahead, don't be shy, and say what do you think of any song that you heard in Friendship is Magic and/or Equestria Girls! But make sure to maintain your politeness, okay?
  4. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EQD! I'm InsomniaticCricket or just call me AJ everyone already does! I am looking to make a new parody series for MLP FiM but to do so I need some voice actors and actresses! As well as an editor! We are already writing episode one as I make this post in fact we might finish writing it by tomorrow which should be great! If you are interested in auditioning for any role feel free to please check out the sites below! Only requirements are that you have a mic thats decent so we can hear you, a knack for singing (yes we are keeping musical numbers but not in the way you might think) , and over all just a good attitude (and patience) to go the whole 9 yards with this! For any other contact information you might need please feel free to message me on here or I can give you my skype or Discord name so we can continue the conversation there! I hope to see many auditions and many new faces! Thank you for your time! -Aj