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Found 1 result

  1. Well, now that I've finished enough of my Friendship is Magic Review to where I'm taking a break from it till at least Season 7 is finished, I'm going to do an Equestria girl review thread here of my own where I relay my thoughts for the movies, shorts, and other televised media that is related to Equestria Girls. I hope that I will have alot of fun watching these Equestria Girls stuff as many of you guys have done so. Now for the quick rundown of my reviews and how I grade em: 10/10 A+=All Time Great: This in my opinion represents the series at it's absolute finest and is one that should be watched by just about anyone. Don't question if you should, watch it and you won't be disappointed. Reserved for stuff that is at least almost perfect in every way and exhibits no flaws or flaws so minute it can be easily explained away. 9.5/10 A=Great: Another fantastic grade for anything to have. This one is where save for one small flaw that prevents it from achieving that A+, it's an excellent episode that is among the series finest. If you have even an inkling of interest, watch it. 9.0/10 B+=Very Good: This grade is for those that does most of what it wants really well and save for one notable problem or a couple of small ones, this grade represents some of the series's better works it has done. 8.5/10 B=Good: This as the title says, it's a good showcase of the series and is one that is definitely recommended for folks save for select picky ones. With a notable problem that does plague and hurt the episode or a few smaller ones, this is about as bare minimum in my opinion that I consider for top episodes in the series. 8.0/10 C+=Above Average: As it says, this is for movies and shorts that does many things right, but it has a few problems that you can't really ignore and would hurt folk's interest in the episode. Still, if you have interest in watching it, you won't be disappointed you would but you'll definitely see some issues in it. 7.5/10 C= Average: Reserved for stuff that does it's story decently enough to make it work well and does have some good things, but it has plenty of things wrong with it that it would annoy some folks. Again, reserved for those who are willing to accept it's flaws and are able to enjoy what it has provided. 7.0/10 D+= Below Average: This one will start drawing it's circle of haters from the amount of flaws it showed in the episode as it's problematic enough to turn folks off from watching it. However, there's still enough good in the episode and it does execute it well enough to make the story work. Should be watched if you're a fan and you're willing to accept what flaws it has but still enjoy the good it has. Perhaps the bare minimum to allow newcomers to see. 6.5/10 D= Mediocre: The bare minimum for a passing grade in review. The story still works, but it has many things wrong with it that many folks will not like and will be turned off by it. Still it does hold some good things to enjoy. Recommended for dedicated fans who are alright with it's flaws but still find enjoyment in it. 6.0/10 F+= Failure: This grade is for those whose story would ultimately fail to push for what it wanted to show for the audience to like due to the amount of flaws in it that would detract from it's intended story. Still has some good things to enjoy but overall it's not something but dedicated fans should be wanting to watch. 5.5-5.0/10 F = Bad: A set of F grades that is to showcase of how the story is pretty bad here and is one that I would recommend folks not to watch due to the amount of bad stuff that would dilute any person's enjoyment in it. Only watch if you're a dedicated fan but even this would test your limits for it. 4.5-4.0/10 F = Terrible: A second set of F grades that are to highlight of how even worse these episodes are. The bare minimum for an animated atrocity grade from Mr. Enter if I were to make a comparison. Only die hards may stomach to watch these as it would piss too many folks off for it's bad quality. 3.5-0/10 F- = Atrocity: The worst grade I can give to anything in my reviews. This stuff is so bad and atrocious that it would piss off even die hards from watching it. Should be mocked and scorned for how it represents the worst the series can get in my honest opinion. Now today, I will push out my EQG movie review today to stat off this thread, hopefully you guys and gals can like it.