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Found 22 results

  1. Hopefully this is okay to post. In addition to "Made in Manehatten" for FiM next week, I'm also really looking forward to Friendship Games. Soundtrack released Friday, and Shout Factory's released some clips from the actual movie. Including part of the video for "What More is Out There." That song is just so sad. I already felt bad for alt!Twilight from the little scraps we had from the trailers, but the stuff that's released in the last couple of days has upgraded to wanting to give her a hug. It's also another interesting what might have been for the Twilight we know. No real friends, no mentor that cares, and her Spike is just a dog. Though, I suspect puppy!Spike will end up getting the ability to speak. Shout Factory also released the intro and Spike had his voice actor credited. If it was just barks and whines, that would not have made the opening credits. I've kind of suspected some kind of magical shenanigans doing that to puppy!Spike practically since we saw him and alt!Twilight in the Rainbow Rocks stinger. (After all, a cute talking animal mascot is almost mandatory for a group of magical girls.)
  2. No exact date yet, but it looks like season 7 will premiere in April. I'm not surprised by the month.
  3. Pepper100

    Season 9, Episode 4: Twilight’s Seven

    Hello. I am going to review one of my Favorite Episodes from season 9. So far, it is my favorite episode from season 9. The amount of funny moments and dialogue has increase more then what it was in past episodes. I am not suggesting they were not funny, but I think the humor was much better. The funniest part to me was when Princess Luna turned around in one of the throne chairs while petting one of the vultures. I found this part hilarious, as I think it is a reference to any TV show where the plot twist is either the heroes or villains are found out.
  4. With Episode 19 "Dragon Dropped" recently being released early in China, this is an episode that has fans discussing the Sparity topic,(mostly positive, from what've I seen being discussed at various social media sites), It seems that this episode may be the (somewhat) official canon ship of Rarity x Spike. The reason I say that, is because of the way Rarity reacts towards Spike hanging out with Gabby the Griffon, this is something we've never seen from Rarity, when it comes to Spike hanging out with another female character before, till now. Because of this, along with the ending, where Spike says he'll always want his Rarity time, it pretty much (somewhat officially) makes Sparity canon. Yet, there are those that still feel that this episode didn't do that, and feel it did the opposite Despite the visuals in front of them. However, let's be honest, we knew something like this episode was going to happen, especially when it was made official that S9 would be it. And when you look at the sudden (out of nowhere) resurgence of Sparity in S8, with the acknowledgements in "Break-Up, Break-Down, "Molt Down" (being a Sparity episode in someways), the few moments in the S8 finale, to the subplot, and ending between the two in "Best Gift Ever", to recently in the first 20 seconds of the mid-season 9 finale. Yeah, I would say that the hints were out there, that an episode of this kind would occur towards the end of the series. And guess what, it did with "Dragon Dropped". Now throughout the series, (even through s3-s7 were low-key on it's Sparity moments), one could say that this SHIP is one of the more naturally grown ones that have happened, despite nothing really being made truly official (semi, yes), like let's say Big Mac/Sugar Belle or Maud Pie/Mudbriar, still it getting to the points it's gotten too in recent seasons, one could say, that if we get something in the end (like an epilogue moment that takes place a few years later) that shows Spike and Rarity being officially together, then one would find that very believable, from a character development point, and a lingering sub-plot coming full circle, like it did with this episode. So despite this somewhat (in a semi way) making Sparity official, why do others hate Spike x Rarity? Well, (IMO), I don't think it's the age argument, that many have used since the beginning (just about), no, I think it's this moment And believe it or not, it stems all the way back to S2, and the episode "Secret of My Excess" , where Spike willing and genersoaly gave Rarity his fire ruby, which orginally he grew and riped for his birthday. And the reason this is the true reason (IMO), is because many feel that Rarity manipulated and sweet talked him into giving it to her, despite (using that word a lot here) everyone else, even the show staff that worked on that episode saying otherwise. As far as the age argument goes, even Jim Miller on Twitter has (in his own unique way) debunked that argument/theory. So in that way and in closing, if S9 EPS. 19 "Dragon Dropped" is the only (if not possibly last) Sparity centered episode of the series, we can at least agree that Sparity is (somewhat semi) official in the series now. Will we still get moments here and there in the remaining episodes (21-26) or the proposed (if it's still happening) Holiday special at the end of the year? That's kinda 50/50 right now, but I wouldn't put it pass the creative staff, if they did add some moments, like for example what I mentioned earlier, but we will have to wait and see. Anyway, I wanted to finally get this off my chest, and give my overall thoughts. But what do you here say. Comments and replies would be great to hear. Take Care and Brony On!
  5. The discussion thread to the next EG film, Rollercoaster of Friendship (which will air this Independence Day weekend on Saturday the 7th at 11:30AM on the Discovery Family channel). You can talk about what will happen, reviews, and other stuff. I'll start off. I think that human Twilight will have a major role in the movie as Shimmer has been looking over things for a while now.
  6. Steamworks

    S5 Episode 14 - Discussion

    Where to watch: (Some of the pages have the episode title in them already. If you can't bear to even know that, you should probably avoid them until it's time for the episode.) (Discovery Family is showing the first EqG movie prior to the episode. At 2pm Eastern, they're showing "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" prior to a second airing of S5E14. That's a chance to catch up.) The Best PonyThe Brony Network Channel 1The Brony Network Channel 2BronyState Random TheaterBrony TVEquestria TVHaxMegaDailymotion link:
  7. EpicEnergy

    My Season 8 Theories

    "My Season 8 Theories" by AnalyticalGamer Warning! contains season 8 spoilers Introduction This post contains all my current season 8 theories based on the released episodes. Note that only half of season 8 has been released, so I may post more theories during or at the end of the second half of season 8 depending on the circumstances. While I call them all theories, there are a few that are more of facts that have been gained through observations rather than theories, and I will be sure to point this out. I also will use some canonical information that will assist in developing my theories. You might notice how I state a fact or use some canonical information then place a portion of my theory right in with it for it to make sense – I will do the best I can to distinguish my theories from these facts and information, but I might make a mistake or be unclear, so please point anything out where I messed up. One last thing before I begin, most of these theories basically fill in the holes that My Little Pony S8 left unfilled and provide potential explanations to these unstated concepts. Feel welcome to expound on my theories and share your own! Theory 1: Why Ember is Angrier in Season 8 than the Previous Seasons Before I begin, I must explain a concept that will assist in my theory's development; also, this concept is more of a fact rather than a theory. Obviously, there is a time gap between the Movie and S8, because (1) the School of Friendship suddenly appears, (2) the pirates re-build their ship, and (3) the kingdom of the Hippogriffs is rebuilt. I have no idea how long the time gap is, but I will say that it probably ranges from 1 week to 1 year. With that being said, I shall now move on to my theory. Why does Ember act angrier in season 8 (episodes 1 and 2 in particular)? I think there is a background to this – something happened to her before she was first seen in S8 ep 1. In the time gap I previously explained, I theorize that something happened in the dragon-land – something that irritated Ember. I would say that a fight occurred since Ember was trying to enforce a new rule that the dragons must share their feelings with each other to become friends (S7 ep 15), and this probably backfired making them fight even more. She said it herself, competing is in their nature, and I don't think any-creature would change that easily, especially dragons. After this occurred, I think Smolder put up a small fight and was highly reluctant to go to the School of Friendship, making Ember even more angry. On top of all that, she gets offended by Neighsay which makes her even more frustrated. The result is an increase of hostility and anger that was set off as soon as Neighsay revealed his 'speciesism'. Theory 2 Part 1: How the Hippogriff Pearl Works I was thinking how every single Hippogriff possessed one very small fraction of the pearl, and a few questions came to my mind. How many pieces are left? What does the Queen do when she is out of the pieces and new baby Hippogriffs are born? Are there more pearls out there? I will provide a theory to answer these questions, but there are more possibilities out there. I don't know how many pieces are left, but I will assume at least a few since every single Hippogriff seen already has one (except the children); furthermore, I assume that because it is very unlikely to have just enough pieces of the same size for every single Hippogriff. The second answer is the answer to both the second and third questions. I theorize that there are more pearls that have similar characteristics to the one we saw in the Movie. This would mean that the Queen doesn't need to worry about running out of pearl shards and new baby hippogriffs being unable to change forms. On the negative side, multiple pearls would also pose a slight danger and responsibility to the hippogriffs, as there are more pearls to protect from those who would want to use those pearls for evil and selfish purposes. Theory 2 Part 2: How Hippogriff Children Earn Their Necklaces I re-watched episode 6 about a week and a half after it aired, and something sparked my attention – why did no child hippogriff had a necklace? This leads me to my final part of my theory. I think that the children hippogriffs must earn their necklaces, just like how a child pony must earn his or her cutie mark. This would mean that Terramar was not in a position that is comparable to that of earning a cutie mark because he would have already earned his necklace. This final question that comes up about this part of my theory – how do hippogriffs earn their necklaces? I think the simple answer is that they must wait until they become old enough. Of course, this answer would mean that hippogriffs earning their necklaces are not like ponies earning their cutie marks in the sense that there is no special talent to be earned; rather, a special privilege is received at a certain age. Theory 3: Celestia is Immune to Phoenix Feathers According to season 8 episode 11, ponies' ears clog up when exposed to phoenix feathers. This makes me wonder...since Celestia has a pet phoenix, does she ever have clogged up ears from this? Not as far as we know of, so I theorize that Celestia is immune to the phoenix feather effects. Celestia has the power to raise the sun, and phoenixes have sun-like abilities as well, which would render their feathers' effects as harmless to Celestia. One question arises from this theory – is this immunity only for Celestia, or do all alicorns possess it? I think it is only for Celestia. I say this because alicorns are like unicorns when it comes to magic, and Rarity was affected by phoenix feathers. Also, alicorns are ponies and Zecora most likely was referring to pony-kind in general when she said that ponies' ears clog up from phoenix feathers.
  8. Surprised that this didn't get a post already given how it's been around the internet all day. But anyway, a plethora of leaks concerning future MLP content have surfaced onto the internet including a new intro, an episode list of Season 8 along with synopses of said episodes, supposed plans to end G4 after Season 9 in 2019, supposed plans for a 2nd MLP Movie in 2020 being either a sequel to the first movie or a prequel to a G5 TV series scheduled for later that year, and supposed concept designs for said G5 series. I have opinions on this. Asking for forgiveness in advance because this is gonna be a long one... In regards to how valid I think these leaks are: The new intro is probably real depending on the validity of the episode list but considering that the episode synopses line up with the intro as well as the footage shown at Hascon this year, they're probably both real. However, I consider Season 9 being the final season a maybe, but as of now it's just a rumor until we get official confirmation from Hasbro. My thoughts of the supposed MLP Movie sequel/G5 series prequel movie are the same. I'm the most skeptical of the "G5 Concept Art" because I feel there's too much detail in them, which would make it hard to animate in 2D and I doubt Hasbro would want to invest in something that costly and time-consuming. This could just as easily be fan art passed off as a leak by an artistically talented troll, but the leaks over the last few years haven't been wrong before so there's that, and again, not 100% sure until official confirmation. In-depth Fandom Talk Below
  9. Yes, from what I was able to count off, for a season that's main selling point and focus is the School Of Friendship, there's only 10 episodes focusing on it. While the other 16 are more along the lines of what we've seen in pervious seasons when it comes to the Mane 6-7-8. And honestly , I think it works. I mean you still get to focus on the selling point of the season, that being the School, but you still get to (for majority of the season) keep the Main Focus on the Mane 6/7/8 and retain what made the show what it is to begin and what brought it to the dance in the first place. So what are your thoughts on this? God Bless!
  10. This will contain spoilers, watch if you like. But here (thanks to clips via leaks shown online), I discuss the origins of the Elements of Harmony and where they really came from, what the're really about, and what the Elements Orginal Names were. Comments are Welcomed #MLPFIM #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC_SHADOWPLAY #THEELEMENTSOFHARMONY
  11. They did it. The maniacs did it. Whole season 7 has now been leaked, every single remaining episode from 23 to 26 (maybe even more). If this season was a ship it would be made out of Swiss cheese and floating to the bottom because of all the leaks. Secrets and Pies, Uncommon Bond and Shadow Play 1-2 are all out and ready to be watched. So here is a thread to keep all the spoilers in one place until each episode gets their own proper thread. And yes I enjoyed all the leaked episodes, thanks for wondering.
  12. Ok, quick post before my episode thoughts. 2 minutes in and theres an error. RD's dad calling Scootaloo a 'he' "Hes doing it again!" That or scootaloo is more of a tomboy than we gave her credit for.
  13. Perhaps not the best of the sister relationship episodes, but sweet nonetheless. A fairly obvious moral from the beginning, and I feel it suffered for not having both of them come to the realization till the end. Sweetie Belle's explosion of frustration at the end was understandable, but I would have expected a more measured tone, especially since she's trying to argue for her growing maturity. (although what can you expect from the deliverer of the 'AW COME ON' line) Overall, not great, but it still had me smiling like a goof at the end. Also Zippporwhill has probably the first cutie mark? So shes...REALLY good at owning dogs? If thats the case, welcome to a life of being really sad every decade or so.
  14. Ah, Big Mac in love. Its fun seeing the big lummox out of his comfort zone, and I always enjoy getting to hear more than two phrases out of him. Giving him a canon love interest now should calm some of the fans, though woe betide any that tells a shipper who they can or cant ship. AND we got a Justin Bieber pony to hate on, whats NOT to love here? Actually, IMO, it was the way the CMC were acting. They claimed several times through the episode to have learned their lesson about meddling with love, but thats literally all they did. Now, Big Mac went along with it for most of the episode, and it almost cost him his lady fair, but I was looking forward to more of getting to see him woo her on his own through the eyes of the CMC. I know they're young, excitable, and their job is literally to help other ponies with the problems, but id have rather seen Mac do this one solo. But thats all just me. Thoughts?
  15. go Flutters! Felt kinda shoehorned that after 7 seasons in we learn she's had this long time dream of an animal sanctuary, but at least we got to see all her lessons in being bolder finally shining through. Now if only they STAY shone through, and aren't forgotten by next week. Also, great callback to Big Daddy McColt
  16. Honest Apple Episode summary: Ok, ok for real this time. Rarity wanted Applejack to be a fashion show judge. Now if your first thought is "this doesn't make sense" that means you have watched MLP and remember Magical Mystery Cure and Art of the Dress where AJ shows her knowledge regarding dresses. If you missed it don't worry! In the first five minutes Applejack will remind you that this doesn't make sense. And as last resort Pinkie Pie will again tell you that this premise doesn't make sense. The episode was more focused on being comedic than on feels so it means the episode will be very subjective to you viewers. Personally I did find few laughs but some of the humor didn't get to me. The conflict of the episode is that one pony is oblivious about being problematic and the other silently suffers until she breaks and yells at the oblivious pony who then fixes everything. I might have described most of season 7 instead of this episode. So if the episode isn't funny then you might get bored regarding the conflict. To be honest I found it forced to begin with. But wait! One thing that can salvage any episode are the characters. Even the greatest of flaws can be missed if you have enjoyed your favorite ponies on the screen! Well.. Regarding Main Characters Applejack was her honest and practical self but she grabbed the idiot ball to create the conflict. Rarity grabbed the idiot ball and held it firm thought the episode. Pinkie Pie was being smart and stayed away while watching the chaos from afar. Returning Support Characters featured the Hoity Toity and Photo Finish in all of their glory! New Characters were a delight and at least one of them is already spawning fan art. So in conclusion the episode for me was a mess. There are definitely things people will like and they won't be wrong to do it but for me this one of the weaker episodes of this season. And now I shall give out awards to our participant ponies! Applejack wins the award for "Honesty". She dared to say the controversial truth that fashion is ridiculous. Rarity wins the award for the best guitar solo in MLP show. Pinkie Pie wins the "Only Sane Pony" award. Shocking really. Photo Finish wins the award for having most beautiful eyes. Sweetie Belle wins the "Pony not appearing in this episode" award. So what are your thoughts on the episode? What was your favorite moment? Speak now!
  17. TaliaKirana

    Songs in the movie

    Seven songs in the MLP movie
  18. Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree announced officially. There's a reveal of some plot details and a look at some of the dolls as well as promo art.
  19. So that just happened. And mother of mercy those wings are freakishly large.... Discuss. EDIT: Purposing this thread for general Season 6 spoiler discussion, since it's already tagged to Tartarus and back.
  20. Abomination

    Starbound 1.0 is AMAZING

    It's finally here! I've been playing the update quite a bit and I'm very happy with the results. I love the intro, not only because it's just good but it answers so many lore speculations on how/why your character is in space. Although I'm a bit sad because they wiped all characters (at least for me), but I needed a fresh character anyway. But enough about my experiences, what did you guys think of the 1.0 release?
  21. Episode titles and synopsis for October Was not expecting Brotherhooves Social to be Applebloom and Big Mac. That should be fun. To no one's surprise, Crusaders of the Lost Mark is a CMC episode... but we're seeing Pipsqueak again. He's cute, and I like that he's a paint patterned pony. (Now watch me have got the pattern name wrong...) The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows... Oh, that episode is going to hilarious. (They specifically call out that the secret is about Cadance and Shining Armor. Well, we all know what that likely means... royal baby! Though I suspect we won't see the baby until next season.)
  22. TaliaKirana

    New Season 5 trailer

    New Season 5 trailer. Since I didn't see a topic about this yet, I figured one needed to be made. I'm more excited than ever for the second half... this trailer seems to hint we're going to have some fun things going on. (I added a spoiler tag for fair warning, since some things in that trailer do allude to the plot of a few different episodes.)