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Found 3 results

  1. Well I know that there's probably dozens of post right now on forum, but I've seen non (maybe I just can't search properly) but here's the deal. I'm looking for some "friends" to play with. Star Wars: The Old Republic, it's The Red Eclipse server. I'm begginer. Last time I've played this game was about 3yrs ago, so evetything is completely new for me. Not to mention the economy ... but either way if, by any accident, you are still playing SW:TOR and your playing on TRE server, you're more than welcome to add me to friends list. My Imperial characters names are: Berl'yet, Berliett and Berl'ieth (I know ... very creative, but I've got some ideas on new characters that I'll create in some time, so give me a break). My Republic character is: Berl'yett. And now for something completely different ... GTA Online ... Yeah this game is something I used to play like crazy, then my crew broke up, they no longer play the game and I feel very lonely. I've got EVERYTHING and I mean literally EVERYHING you can ask for in the game so I no longer have a reason to play it solo and grind ... that's why I'm asking you, if you're still playing it. We could do something together and you could give me new reason to play this game. My R*SocialClub name is: Berliett. I'm lvl 200-something. Got too much money on my account and no idea what to do with it so ... yeah that'll be it. If you want to play with miserable no-life, nerd like me ... thanks? I guess. Have a great one and me? I'm gonna continue solo style, as per usuall.
  2. Moosey Moosington

    SW:TOR - Anyone playing?

    Just curious if anyone is playing SW:TOR anymore. I've got a few character, both Republic and Empire on The Harbinger. Interested in seeing if there are enough bronies still playing or thinking of playing (it's F2P, peeps) to start a brony based guild. Hit me up here, or ingame (mail Palathar [pub] or Chrysathr [emp]) if you are interest.
  3. Pinkie

    Outer Rim DLC Out Tomorrow

    For those of you who play EA's Star Wars Battlefront, the new DLC, Outer Rim, is out tomorrow. We will be getting: - 2 New Heros: Greedo and Nien Nunb - 4 New Weapons - 3 New Starcards - 4 New Maps - Better quickmatch options - A bunch new changes - Much More Here is the trailer: