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Found 1 result

  1. Today is the first day of autumn, having begun when summer tapped out this morning at 4:20 AM (heh), at least for us lucky people on the northern hemisphere - good luck with your horrible, horrible spring down south!! Today is also commonly known as the Autumnal Equinox, but as I was reading on a local weather website, while equinox is supposed to mean "equal night" in Latin, and denote when the length of day and night is SUPPOSED to be equal, it actually isn't the case for the most part. Turns out that the date when the day and night are equal (or as equal as they will possibly get) is actually known as the "Equilux," and that the equiliux (at least where I live, based on elevation and latitude & longitude) will occur on September 26, when the time between sunrise and sunset is 30 seconds greater than 12 hours. The following night, there will be a supermoon coinciding with a total lunar eclipse. Let's see... Equiliux, derived from the word equal, and lux is a measure of illumination equal to 0.0929 foot-candle, and also derived from the latin for light, on the same day on the premiere of the third movie of a certain Flash-filled franchise, followed by an enlarged moon being blotted out from the sky... I see absolutely nothing ominous here. Move along folks. Anyhow, are you guys looking forward to best season? I am. Days can only get shorter. The air can only get cooler. Bees can only get deader. Holidays can only get closer. I can only get older. It's a win-win-win-win!! Also, has anyone seen their first holiday ad yet? I have. It was a K-Mart layaway commercial that aired before even Labor Day. I was proud of them.