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Found 11 results

  1. It may seem that DHX/Hasbro is heading in that direction. I mean why else would they decide to bring Tirek back in the season 8 finale, if that probably won't be the case? Well, because it just might be. I mean, when you honestly think about it, we really haven't had a full season long arc since season 4, and season 8 could be that season where we get another season long arc. And this could be why Chrysalis is seen in the S8 Premiere and Tirek is slated for the S8 Finale, because throughout the season, we will have episodes (every few weeks of the 26 episode run, I would assume) that will build to something big at the end. And whatever that maybe, will play a huge part in Chrysalis Reformation, wither it's Tirek draining her of her power (or what's left of it), or him (at full power) threating the changlings, it will be shown as being a big deal. Now I know many fans don't want this to happen, but if you look at Diamond Tira's reformation in S5, it may have taken 3 1/2 seasons to happen, but it did and the end result was the CMC's getting their cutie marks in the end. And you know what, it was treated as a big deal, why?, because it took nearly 4 seasons for it to happen, and at the same time, they help reform a character, that many felt was unreformable. So if you look at how S8 may play out story-arc wise, we may get a similar situation, but on a much larger scale, with the strong possibility of Chrysalis being reformed at the end of the season. But that's just a theory IMO, of what I could see happen in S8, now that we have both Chrysalis and Tirek in the picture. Do you agree? Chrysalis To Reformed In Season 8
  2. The only way any kind of ship can happen, is when they decide to end the show, and the final (which I still believe will be 10) season occurs , that is where I believe any kind of ship for the Mane 6 or any other MLP character will happen and become official.
  3. Is MLP : Friendship is Magic Hurrying Certain Moments Instead Of Really Building Up To Them? Did this before today, but I discuss, if MLP : FIM is hurrying certain big Moments and should they have held off on them a bit longer. Comments are Welcomed
  4. I'm just curious about that. Are the clothes suppose to match their personalities? I'm just curious about that. Also, how in The Equestria Prime world (the Pony world), she doesn't have mascara on her eyelids (or lipstick as seen in some promo pics), but upon arriving in the human world, she does. Couldn't they kind of keep her a bit of the same, like they did with Twilight. Also, one last thing, How in the world can she or Twilight get easily adjusted to the human body, like it's it nothing? Someone, please answer that. That's all have to ask for now. God Bless!
  5. When Twilight and Later Starlight Enter The Human Equestria World, How do they get their clothes or in Starlight's case, mascara on her eyelids when they arrive? I'm just curious about that. Are the clothes suppose to match their personalities? I'm just curious about that. Also, how in The Equestria Prime world (the Pony world), she doesn't have mascara on her eyelids (or lipstick as seen in some promo pics), but upon arriving in the human world, she does. Couldn't they kind of keep her a bit of the same, like they did with Twilight. Also, one last thing, How in the world can she or Twilight get easily adjusted to the human body, like it's it nothing? Someone, please answer that. That's all have to ask for now. God Bless!
  6. If let's say the story called for it to happen, not because of falling in love, but out of nessercity . What would your reaction be? Me, I wouldn't be bothered by it, if it was needed to complete a mission of some sorts, like a spell needed to be completed. What about you?
  7. As you know in the history of animation, if a show calls for it, a female character will melt into a complete puddle at the sight of attractive male character or from the flirting from said male character. So my question is, if this is/was done in the show, who out of the Mane 6 do you think the creative staff would have this happen too? My guess would be Rarity. How About you?
  8. Friendship is Horses

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    A lot of people have been less than thrilled with Starlight Glimmer's role in the show post-season-five, so I thought I'd make a topic explaining my thoughts on the character, and invite others to share theirs. First of all, I get it. Her entire personality flipped in the space of about thirty seconds at the end of The Cutie Re-Mark, she had a flimsy bullshit motivation to be evil in the first place (hasn't she ever heard of a pen pal?), and she immediately found acceptance and ready forgiveness from the Mane 6 that she didn't have to earn, and continued to not earn at every opportunity. Here's why I'm cool with all that. There's no getting around how forced her change to good was. She was the most spiteful, revenge-driven villain the show's ever had, and then her No. 1 enemy and the pony who ruined everything she had built suggested that maybe they be friends instead, and on the cusp of her victory, she leapt headlong at the chance to give the pony she hated her perfect life back in exchange for a position at the bottom of the friendship totem pole. All I can say is... you have to use your imagination with this one. There had to have been huge time constraints with getting everything they wanted into the season finale -- they had to fit a bunch of different alternate timelines in you guys -- and I guess putting Starlight in cryostasis until they were ready to give her her own redemption episode wasn't in the plan. It's not like the change would have been any less jarring anyway, if Discord is any indication. So the way I figure it, there's stuff going on between the lines, during the events of The Cutie Re-Mark and prior. Having a childhood friend move away seems like the flimsiest villain motivation this side of accidentally running into a glass door and declaring war on all things transparent, but maybe that's her scapegoat for having a really shitty childhood in general. Maybe her parents neglected/abused her, and she was the weird kid at school, and her hang-up with cutie marks was less about losing one particular friend and more about the event of Sunburst getting his cutie mark signaling the departure of the only good thing in her life at the time, and now she blames it for all the trauma she had to endure growing up. As far as her heel/face turn, she very possibly had building doubts about the morality of what she was doing that she drowned out with blind anger. When Twilight showed her the future her actions would create, that had to shake her conviction, even if she was in denial at first. You've got to picture Twilight giving a more persuasive, impassioned plea at the end, and Starlight coming around to the idea a little more reluctantly than she did. The Remane 5, too, having more qualms about the idea of befriending Starlight than they actually showed. This is a cartoon for children. They're more willing to accept things at face value than adults are. We should keep that in mind! So now we're in Season Six, and Glim Glam gets a shiny new personality. She's genuinely repentant about the shit she's done in the past, she wants to learn to be a better pony, but at the same time, she has no idea how to stop being a villain. And this is what I love about the character. Because she didn't get a completely new personality. She's still manipulative, still largely oblivious to other pony's feelings, still sees the end as justifying the means. But she's trying so hard, you guys, in her own myopic way. Twilight says she has to make friends with a new pony, and here Applejack is offering her brother as an option, this is almost perfect. One small problem, he isn't very chatty, but hey, I'm a goddamn magical unicorn, no sweat! Magic fix! Magic is great! Wait, why is Applejack mad at me? What did I do wrong? Oh right. Other ponies' feelings. I'm always forgetting that one. She's a pony who's trying to do right with the skills and mindset of a villain. It's the same thing in Every Little Thing She Does. Twilight gives her an assignment, which she tackles with as much practicality and efficiency as she can. She misses the whole point of spending time with the Five, because she's just not used to thinking that way. And the idea of forcing your will on other ponies never strikes her as revolting, just a tidy solution to having to deal with everypony's time-wasting bullshit. So probably I like her for the same reason so many people don't: she's still a villain. She's just not evil any more, per se. As far as why everypony else is so quick to forgive her all the time, it's in the title of the show. Getting mad at Starlight for violating their minds and free will would have been totally justified, but instead they took the super high road, and that's not wrong. And maybe they're sensitive to the fact that making her feel guilty and excluded, while a rational response to her shenanigans, could tip her back over the edge into bitter, unstable maniac territory. Sure, they could just lock her up in Tartarus instead, but that's not especially on-message for the show. Thing is, Twilight offered to mentor her in friendship specifically because she's not good at it. Twilight herself caught on to the basics of friendship fairly quickly, because she has a good level of emotional intelligence, but Starlight's more of a challenge. She's not the best student! And that's okay, because the Mane 6 are willing to look past her fuck-ups and be patient with her while she learns. And what do you know? She ended up saving Equestria with a bunch of other ex-villains (Thorax counts because he was born into an ostensibly evil species and thus a bad guy by default). So, what did I miss? What aspects of MLP's handling of Starlight make you grind your teeth in frustration? TL;DR you're all right, Starlight Glimmer
  9. DawnInPonyville

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP. One criticism I have heard about Starlight Glimmer is that she is too powerful magic wise. However, when looking back at unicorn Twilight I just don't see it. Twilight was able to pick up an Ursa Minor with telekinesis, used the "Want-It-Need-It" spell as a form of mind control to make ponies fall in love with a doll, and accidentally turned a frog into an orange. I'm not seeing anything different from Starlight besides self-levitate. So how is Starlight OP?
  10. Throughout Season Six, Starlight Glimmer has gained fans and haters, but both can agree on the inconsistency of her appearances. Sometimes she's the star of an episode, other times it's easy to forget that she's joined the "main" cast at all. What are your thoughts on this? Where do you think she disappears to, what do you think should have been done with her in the episodes where she simply disappears and do you think we should be seeing more of her at all?