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Found 2 results

  1. Oh hello people who wanted to waste their time to greet me. The name's Mishaka, some shitposter came from the ND and MD of EQD. Now, I nothing else to say other than your replies that I'm too lazy to reply.
  2. I'm bored and its almost time for the Halloween update in tf2 so I want to know what the worst costume you ever had irl was. My worst costume was when I was 10 or somewhere around there I had dressed up as a slipknot band member. It was bad because 1. the mask was really hot to wear and it cost $115 2. it gave some kid a panic attack (not the weapon) 3. I passed out from the heat because I wore a trench coat to make it creepier. It wasn't a bad costume but it sure wasn't safe to wear especially since I live in Oklahoma and it was 90 degrees out. Also I couldn't breath while wearing the mask. So now I want to know what some of your bad costumes were. If you never had a bad costume what was your best costume?