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Found 5 results

  1. Jamessmith

    New here, any suggestions?

    Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this So I have been interested in getting to know Fallout equestria for some time now. The concept of fallout in itself was interesting in my opinion and adding ponies to that is just the best. My knowledge is very lacking, I'm planning very soon on reading the main fanfic after i finish the last one, but i have no idea where to go further from there. Until recently I knew almost nothing about the topic ignoring few facts. Last week with Fallout Equestria Remains beeing mentioned on EquestriaDaily and me enjoying it so much I come to you guys for advice as for what should I read and in what order
  2. Hello I would like to offer a suggestion to help better advertise the forum by adding a tab on EQD's main site a forum link tab or so. That way folks can have a quick access to EQD forums from the main site itself and it would invoke curiosity for folks to try the tab and link out.
  3. I have two adorable little sisters that mean the world to me that adore My Little Pony. When I showed them a few pictures from some age appropriate artists they were overjoyed that a website that had pony news even existed. Thing is, they're pretty young, as in cruising through disney websites only young, and when I started to browse the site to see if it was safe to peruse I found that EQD keeps content that isn't so age appropriate. I couldn't share the joy of EQD with them. Now I know this is a long shot and that it would take a loooot of preparation to put something like this into motion, but I was wondering if there was ever a plan to implement an age appropriate safe version of EQD? It would be a lot of work but Id rather ask and be denied than never asking at all.
  4. When I used to be on a forum a few years ago and when someone replied on a post that you were viewing, there would be a button to see what the reply was. This came in handy when you were typing a reply and someone else would reply before you were finished. Just wondering if such a feature would be viable.
  5. Dennis Abernathy Harrison

    Just a few suggestions...

    I have a few suggestions. IPB supports blogs. Would it be possible to let users create a blog? (In case you're worried, you can set a limit to how many blogs a user can have.) IPB also supports galleries. This could be useful for artists who want to post their art here. Maybe a theme for each character? Each theme changes the color scheme to match that character, and maybe even a picture in the background. Again, these are only suggestions and this post will most likely be ignored anyway.