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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I would like to offer a suggestion to help better advertise the forum by adding a tab on EQD's main site a forum link tab or so. That way folks can have a quick access to EQD forums from the main site itself and it would invoke curiosity for folks to try the tab and link out.
  2. I have two adorable little sisters that mean the world to me that adore My Little Pony. When I showed them a few pictures from some age appropriate artists they were overjoyed that a website that had pony news even existed. Thing is, they're pretty young, as in cruising through disney websites only young, and when I started to browse the site to see if it was safe to peruse I found that EQD keeps content that isn't so age appropriate. I couldn't share the joy of EQD with them. Now I know this is a long shot and that it would take a loooot of preparation to put something like this into motion, but I was wondering if there was ever a plan to implement an age appropriate safe version of EQD? It would be a lot of work but Id rather ask and be denied than never asking at all.
  3. Dennis Abernathy Harrison

    Just a few suggestions...

    I have a few suggestions. IPB supports blogs. Would it be possible to let users create a blog? (In case you're worried, you can set a limit to how many blogs a user can have.) IPB also supports galleries. This could be useful for artists who want to post their art here. Maybe a theme for each character? Each theme changes the color scheme to match that character, and maybe even a picture in the background. Again, these are only suggestions and this post will most likely be ignored anyway.