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Found 2 results

  1. Name: Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror. Platforms: PC,Mac,Linux. Type: Co-op for 2 Players. Genre: Old school Survival Horror with some RPG elements. Developers: KnatE and EFT Team. Engine: Forgotten Equestria (Reworkered Legions Engine) Status: In the development! Story in Short Form: Day by day i see a one and the same dream,where i falling in abyss and after this all begins from start again.Little Pip,are you okay?Yes Blackjack,let's go to bar "Wild Flame" i need to rest. All begin from stranger,he came to us and asked our help.I'm immediately feel what this not a really true,but from lust of money Bjay accepted it.Our task is been take a rare relict that needed to stranger,but we don't understand that city Aronfide in which we going,have a mystery and then what we will have to face,certainly will not ask for what we arrived. Chapter 1: The Road. (Completed on 100%) Chapter 2: Abandoned House. (Completed on 40%) Chapter 3: Aronfaid "The City of Death". (Completed on 0%) Chapter 4: Last Hospital. (Completed on 0%) Chapter 5: Creature of Madness. (Completed on 0%) Chapter 6: Secret of Task. (Completed on 0%) Common Progress (20%) We opened the site of Fallout Equestria: Forgotten Horror for everypony,it still need some updates but you can now register. MLP Forums page -
  2. Our path begins from here... Main Task: Find a road which lead to path in city Aronfide. Download Link: Q\A Thread: Q: What be,if Flashlight be over? A: Find another,if be over your visibility become zero. Q: Why i can't to pick up a two weapons,one of them is always drops from inventory. A: You can have a one weapon only. Q: Med Kit from bleeding,what it doing. A: Save you from bleeding,you can get bleeding from strikes of Purple and Red Creatures. Q: I can't complete the task with "Two Statues" we activated both,but path is not open. A: Blackjack must be near Red Statue and Little Pip must be near Blue. Q: How to shoot? A: Hower the mouse on enemy,and if cursor is red click by right button.One Shoot = One Ammo. Tips: -Head,sometime you can leave a battle with minimum loses.Every fight against creatures can be fatal. -Cooperate actions with your partner.Two heads is betters than one. -You can't revive and your partner too,you have a one life.Here not checkpoints or etc. -Strategy can save life. If you have questions or something else send them to our forum. Promote us,tell to others about us.It will be a best reward for us Forum Don't have partner?Search them here