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Found 22 results

  1. I came up with this a few months ago and just recently revised it. I game my Bat ponies Stout Heart (D4) because it works well for my conception of them as being stronger and more robust than a Pegasus and because I saw that this was also done with the Kirin. BAT PONY (CREATURE OF THE SKY) Talents: Fly (D6), Night Vision (D4), Stout Heart (D4), Pick one appropriate Cutie Mark talentQuirks: Weakness: Bright Light (D6), Choose one Accustomed to the harsh winds of the Trotsylvanian Alps, Bat ponies are strong flyers--though not as agile as Pegasi--with bat-like wings, tufted ears and cat-like eyes with slit pupils that allow them to see very well at night. They typically have gray coats, black wings and dark-colored manes and tails, though other coat and mane colors do occur. It's true that Bat ponies have fangs, mostly used for sucking the juice out of fruits--a favorite being mangoes. Bat ponies dwell in a chain of mountains located east of Equestria, and might be related to Pegasi (though Bat ponies themselves dispute this). Bat ponies make up the Night Guard of Princess Luna.Bat ponies are nocturnal by nature. Prolonged, unprotected exposure to sunlight or other bright light can cause blindness that lasts from several hours up to a couple of days. Their unusual appearance and nocturnal habits, combined with a reputation for fierceness, have given rise to the rumor that Bat ponies are vampires; however, this is just a tall tale spread by superstitious ponies.Night Vision (D4) pony with this talent can see very well in the dark, though not in complete blackness. The downside is that the pony also gains the quirk of Weakness: Bright Light
  2. News from River Horse: The Compendium of Equestria – Released today! February 26, 2021 The Compendium is priced at: £19.99, $24.99 (US) and €24.99.
  3. The latest newsletter from RiverHorse.EU: Source
  4. From River Horse Games: Source:
  5. Hakirayleigh

    A big list.

    Hello everyone. Does somebody have an updated list about Talents and quirks in Tails of Equestria. I only have the list from the core book and I believe there are a lot of more. If someone has a pdf or a document about that, It would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Cassie the Kelpie created by Jeremy Whitley (writer) and Amy Mebberson (artist) Kelpie Body: D8 Mind: D6 Charm: D6 Stamina: 14 Talents: Special Skill: Swimming (D8), Pick one appropriate Cutie Mark talent. Quirk: Impulsive Kelpies are water creatures that live in rivers, lakes and the sea. Their physical appearance can vary wildly. The fresh-water Kelpie who almost drowned the residents of Ponyville had the head and mane of a pony, a long snake-like body, an eel-like tail, and four frond-like fins with matching spines on her back. Kelpies who live among other creatures (such as the Zebra of Farasi) can have a very Pony-like appearance. Sea-dwelling Kelpies more closely resemble Seaponies with scaly torsos, and live in the undersea city of Coltlantis. Fresh-water Kelpies possess Cutie Marks; sea-dwelling Kelpies do not seem to have them. Kelpies can be very protective of the bodies of water where they live and of the creatures that dwell in them. Some possess a Hypnotizing Song. If such a Kelpie feels that it or its home is threatened, it can attempt to use its Hypnotizing Song to place any Ponies within hearing under its control either to send them away or otherwise do as it commands. New Talent: Hypnotizing Song (Kelpies only) When a creature with this talent feels threatened it will attempt to use its song to place any Ponies within hearing range under its control. This talent only works on intelligent creatures, not on ordinary animals.
  7. Right now this is a work-in-progress. I'm starting all of the students off as 1st level (should they be higher?). The associations with the Elements come from the Season 8 finale "School Raze" and are pretty much show-canon. Let me know if you think anything should be revised. Name: Silverstream Type: Hippogriff Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Laughter Cutie Mark: n/a Body: D4; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Fly (D6), Honorable (D6) Quirk: Short Attention Span Name: Yona Type: Yak Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Honesty Cutie Mark: n/a Body: D6; Mind: D4; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Special Skill: Destruction (D6) Quirk: Blunt, Fussy Name: Ocellus Type: Changeling Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Generosity Cutie Mark: n/a Body: D6; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 12 Talents: Stout Heart (D4), Fly (D4), Telekinesis (D4), Morph (D6) Quirk: Hungry for Love Name: Sandbar Type: Earth pony Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Kindness Cutie Mark: Three Sea Turtles Body: D6; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 12 Talents: Stout Heart (D6), Pony of All Trades (D6) Quirk: Fear of Rejection Name: Smolder Type: Dragon Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Loyalty Cutie Mark: n/a Body: D6; Mind: D4; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Fly (D6), Fire Breath (D6) Quirk: Dragon Greed, Oooohh... Shiny! Name: Gallus Type: Griffon Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Magic Cutie Mark: n/a Body: D6; Mind: D4; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Fly (D6), Talons (D6) Quirk: Fear of Small Spaces, Selfish
  8. I've received the latest newsletter from River Horse. It previews The Compendium of Equestria, the latest hardcover supplement for Tails of Equestria: The Storytelling Game. Source: Is anyone else hoping we'll get Bat Ponies in this?
  9. Otaku-sempai

    River Horse Black Friday Deals

    River Horse Games is reducing prices by as much as 75% until the end of November 2020. Save on many Tails of Equestria products. Source:
  10. Source:
  11. From Forbes: Exclusive: Renegade Game Studios Extends Partnership With Hasbro
  12. Otaku-sempai

    G'day everypony!

    Hi there! I'm Andrew, a.k.a. Otaku-sempai, and I'm a brony. I came into the fandom because of my wife Tayna, who has been an MLP fan since childhood--long before Friendship is Magic. She even helped organize a local pony-moot that was held a few years back when we were living closer to Rochester, NY than to Buffalo. I watched FiM and liked the detail that when into the mythology of the show, the charm of the characters, and the relative sophistication of the writing compared to many other children's shows. Of course, I never checked out Equestria Daily until after the series finale (which probably helps to explain why the forums are so quiet). My avatar is Phantom H. Fetlock, a pony character I've made for Tails of Equestria (though we've yet to play the game). Tayna did run a "Savage Ponies" game a while back, using the Savage Worlds rpg, but I wasn't part of that game. Pony Name: Phantom H. Fetlock Player Name: Andrew L. Pony Type: Unicorn Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Loyalty Cutie Mark: Pony skull & crossbones Body: D4; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Swashbuckle (D6), Telekinesis (D6) Quirk: Blunt Equipment: Barding (light), Clothes (elegant), Food (simple meal), Kit (scroll), Ponybalm (5 uses), Rope, Saddlebags, Sword (sabre w/basket hilt), Telescope. Phantom Harcourt Fetlock was raised in a proud tradition of chivalry and service to the Crown, and to value freedom. The Fetlocks have long protected the coasts of Equestria as sailors and privateers. However, Phantom H. Fetlock sees an opportunity to make use of the captured airships of the Storm King to form a Royal Aerial Navy. Note: Fetlock's sabre is a family heirloom; its hilt is decorated with his family's crest.
  13. Posted at TNG on February 14: Tails of Equestria: The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning P.R.A.N.C.E.R. Available Now From River Horse I haven't seen The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning P.R.A.N.C.E.R. and other Tails offered in local game shops yet, and ordering it directly from River Horse would cost more in shipping than the price of the supplement. I'm not sure I'll be able to purchase this in time for my wife's birthday (luckily, I have a back up gift).
  14. Here is a home-brew I wrote after learning that Cha Cha the Llama was one of the new Pony Life toys. Let me know what you think of it. Pictured in lower right corner (disregard the horn): Llama Body: D6 Mind: D6 Charm: D6 Stamina: 12 Talents: Special Skill: Climbing (D6), Woolly* (D6) Quirks: Choose one Llamas live in the Yaket Range north and east of the Crystal Empire. Sure-footed, with thick, woolly coats they are well suited to mountain homes. Llamas are hospitable hosts but do not do well in warmer climes so they seldom venture far from their homeland. ** A creature with this Talent has a thick woolly coat that protects them against the cold. They gain an upgrade to their body die whenever they face cold conditions. On the other hand they are more vulnerable to the heat and so downgrade their body die whenever they make a body test in hot conditions. In addition, once per session you may roll your woolly die in addition to your body die when exposed to cold conditions, choosing any result. G-1 Cha Cha the Llama Cha Cha Llama Body: D8 Mind: D10 Charm: D8 Stamina: 18 Talents: Special Skill: Climbing (D8), Special Skill: Dancing (D10), Woolly* (D6), Quirks: Short Attention Span Cha Cha was part of a Llama dance troupe that visited the Crystal Empire. Once there, she was inspired to explore more of Equestria.
  15. Creature Feature at the Tails of Equestria Facebook page has provided a new write-up for Zecora, giving her the new Talent of Alchemy (replacing both Healing Touch and Keen Knowledge: Potions) and providing official rules for creating potions: The description for Alchemy with rules for creating potions are available as a free download: I'm not particularly happy with the rule that the alchemist can only have one active potion at a time, but the rule was probably invented to keep the Alchemy Talent from being abused.
  16. Props to Adrienne Gentry, whose pony-character Adean inspired this home-brew.Cutie Mark Talent: Alternate FormYou were born as a normal pony even though your parents were of two different species. You seemed perfectly ordinary until the day you got your cutie mark, revealing a surprising talent. You discovered that you can change from a pony to a form resembling your non-pony parent. Your new shape has its own talents and traits, plus the ability to transform back into a pony. A pony with the talent Alternate Form maintains two separate character sheets, one for each form. Both forms start at 1st level unless the Storyteller allows the players to begin the game at a higher level. In the later case, the Storyteller will decide the beginning levels for both forms. (Alternately, the player begins at 0 level and discovers the Alternate Form talent upon getting their cutie mark. in this case, the Storyteller may also insist that the alternate form starts at 0 level). The pony starts with Friendship Tokens for only one form and must share the tokens between both forms. The character can only advance in a form that was used in the game session; if both forms were used then both may advance. So, does this seem playable? How would you improve it? Would you ban it from your table?
  17. Hello all, I am trying to play the Tails of Equestria Paper Rpg and am about to finish the first book “Tails of Equestria” with my kids, but I am not sure which book to get next. Does anyone know if the “Curse of the Statuettes” is the next book that I should buy or is there another Book that you recommend getting? Thank you
  18. Greetings Everypony, Would anypony be interested in playing a session of Tails of Equestria? I am looking to be GM for a group of around 3 or 4. The game will be hosted on roll20 and we will talk through discord.
  19. Wavy Box Style Straight Box Style Remember to right click on the image (after following the link) and selecting 'save image as'. Now that Tails of Equestria is out, I've had a chance to go over the rules. My group are all adult players with experience in table top role playing games. With that in mind, I decided to put together a simple variant on the default ToE pony sheet. I had a few goals in mind: Make it more printer friendly (it's black and white aside from the ToE logo, which is easy to convert to B&W if somepony needs it) Add an equipment section Make it easier to insert pony pictures to the file before printing (we all like to use varies pony creators on the internet) More room for talents Unfortunately, the box specifically for the cutie mark was removed. So far my group has had more than enough room for the pony and cutie mark in the portrait box. Feedback on how to improve the sheet is welcome. If you'd like a variant, let me know. I still have the template saved with the sections broken up into easy to move chunks. I was considering doing a version for left hoofed players (talents and equipment moved to the left side).
  20. Hi all! Long time brony and used to DM 30 years ago... introduced my kids to Tails and we had a great time with the first scenario. Now I'm working on making new campaigns and just looking for feedback / ideas and maybe people can post their own campaigns and share it up! This campaign I just started building... I'm not saying it's done, it's just started and I'll flesh it out as much as I can. I need to have it done before my next day off so we can play again! PonyCon Escape the Room Mix Up The Mane Six want to thank the PlayerPonies (PPs) for helping them with their pets, so they sign them up for the deluxe package Escape the Room Experience at the Ponyville Ponycon! They Mane Six will be on a custom high danger, high excitement experience, while they book the PPs on the basic, easy package. Somehow, each group gets lead to the wrong room, and when the lock clicks, the PPs find themselves needing to solve puzzles designed to challenge the Saviors of Equestria! Their challenges will be designed to test Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity and Magic. Possibly flight, teleportation, calming angry beasts, maybe a bugbear? Can be based on challenges at Hogwarts Triwizard Tournament. Each challenge will seem to test their physical ability or skills, but will have a hidden challenge to really be testing their Elements. Similar to events in Episodes 1&2, season 1. This might be too obvious. Flight Challenge / Loyalty: Baking Challenge / Laughter: Alchemy Challenge / Magic: Dress Challenge / Generosity: Animal Challenge / Kindness: Farm Challenge / Honesty: NPCs : Flim and Flam are running “Daring Do's Adventures!” an escape the room experience based on A.K. Yearling’s Daring Do books. The PP’s are signed up for Daring Do’s Busy Day, while the Mane6 are signed up for Daring Do in Ahuizotl’s Jaws of Death! Bonus gag at the end of the campaign is that they meet up with the Mane Six afterwards and they are talking about how challenging their room was, like, “do you remember that part when we had to eat all those ice cream cones without getting brain freeze? Talk about challenging!” Finally, Flim and Flam watch them all walk away and they snap their fingers, revealing a duo of snickering Discords. Other ideas working on are: The Pony of Shadows, where the PPs get a call to go to the sister's old castle to "save" the mane 6. Challenges, traps and danger ensue. It turns out there was a mix up with the way the invitations were printed... "Derpy!" ...and they were just supposed to go to Canterlot for a surprise birthday party. Sorry if it's tl;dr!
  21. Hello Equestria Daily community! I've been an on and off viewer since the site went live. Until recently I didn't have anything to say or contribute. Since the announcement of Tails of Equestria I've been been slowly piecing together a campaign for my friends. After 5 years of a homebrew Pokemon system, we were all ready for something new that still captured a cartoony, light-hearted charm. Since I'm pretty community shy, this was the only place I could think of to talk about and share Tails of Equestria ideas and content. My goal is to periodically post the story outline of sessions (comparable to an episode of the show) shortly after my group has played through it. That will give them a little polish for groups looking for more of a module style play similar to D&D stand alone adventure books. In the mean time, I put together a few variations of the pony sheet for Tails of Equestria to account for printer ink (mostly black and white), ease of adding a computer portrait for those even slightly image editing savvy, and the addition of a (surprisingly) missing equipment section. You can find it on the forums here if you're interested. I'm excited to increase my GM talent to a D20 through friendship!
  22. I recently got tails of Equestria and i am looking to run the premade adventure. looking for 2-4 players. owning the book or dice isn't necessary but can be useful. I will be using a voice chat program (skype or discord). video chat isn't needed but welcome. i may run in I am in the west coast US Feel free to ask any questions.