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Found 9 results

  1. With the announcement of My Little Pony: The Roleplaying Game by Renegade Game Studios I've been expecting River Horse to throw in the towel. However, in response to a query on Facebook, the company insists that Tails of Equestria remains "a continued product" for at least the immediate future. Whether this will continue to be the case after the new game releases (reportedly in the third quarter of 2022) I cannot say. Regardless, no new products have been announced for ToE since last year's Compendium of Equestria. Personally, I'd still like to see the official addition of playable Bat-ponies. I would also like a supplement based on IDW's Season 10 MLP comics. I doubt that River Horse can do anything based on the G5 movie or series, but who knows?
  2. Otaku-sempai

    The Mane 5 (A New Generation)

    So, what might the Mane 5 look like in Tails of Equestria? A while ago the official My Little Pony Facebook page released stat sheets for each of the Mane 5 ponies. I'll be using them as a template for determining their game stats at the end of the movie. At the beginning of the movie, no ponies have bonus Talents, but gain them for free (at D4) when magic is restored.Name: Sunny StarscoutType: Earth ponyLevel: 2Element of Harmony: Magic (Hope)Cutie Mark: Shooting starBody: D6; Mind: D8; Charm: D6; Stamina: 14Talents: Keen Knowledge: History (D8), Stout Heart (D4), Keen Knowledge: Magic knowledge (D4)Quirk: NaiveName: Hitch TrailblazerType: Earth ponyLevel: 3Element of Harmony: KindnessCutie Mark: Horseshoe on shieldBody: D10; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 16Talents: Keen Knowledge: Pony law (D8), Speak with Animals (D6), Stout Heart (D4), Special Skill: Dancing (D4)Quirk: Bossy, Critter MagnetName: Izzy MoonbowType: UnicornLevel: 3Element of Harmony: Laughter (Creativity)Cutie Mark: Pin cushion heartBody: D6; Mind: D8; Charm: D6; Stamina: 14Talents: Creative Flair: Crafting (D8), Creative Flair: Painting (D6) , Special Ability: Sneaking (D6), Telekinesis (D4)Quirk: Short Attention SpanName: Zipp StormType: PegasusLevel: 4Element of Harmony: Loyalty (Courage)Cutie Mark: Crowned lightning boltBody: D8; Mind: D8; Charm: D6; Stamina: 16Talents: Special Skill: Parkour (D10), Special Skill: Sneaking (D6), Keen Knowledge: Math (D6), Keen Knowledge: Physics (D4), Fly (D4)Quirk: OverconfidentName: Pipp PetalsType: PegasusLevel: 3Element of Harmony: Generosity (Confidence)Cutie Mark: Crowned musical bridgeBody: D6; Mind: D6; Charm: D8; Stamina: 12Talents: Creative Flair: Fashion (D8), Keen Knowledge: Social media (D6), Creative Flair: Music (D4), Fly (D4)Quirk: Mememememe! So what did I get wrong? What would work better?
  3. I came up with this a few months ago and just recently revised it. I game my Bat ponies Stout Heart (D4) because it works well for my conception of them as being stronger and more robust than a Pegasus and because I saw that this was also done with the Kirin. BAT PONY (CREATURE OF THE SKY) Talents: Fly (D6), Night Vision (D4), Stout Heart (D4), Pick one appropriate Cutie Mark talentQuirks: Weakness: Bright Light (D6), Choose one Accustomed to the harsh winds of the Trotsylvanian Alps, Bat ponies are strong flyers--though not as agile as Pegasi--with bat-like wings, tufted ears and cat-like eyes with slit pupils that allow them to see very well at night. They typically have gray coats, black wings and dark-colored manes and tails, though other coat and mane colors do occur. It's true that Bat ponies have fangs, mostly used for sucking the juice out of fruits--a favorite being mangoes. Bat ponies dwell in a chain of mountains located east of Equestria, and might be related to Pegasi (though Bat ponies themselves dispute this). Bat ponies make up the Night Guard of Princess Luna.Bat ponies are nocturnal by nature. Prolonged, unprotected exposure to sunlight or other bright light can cause blindness that lasts from several hours up to a couple of days. Their unusual appearance and nocturnal habits, combined with a reputation for fierceness, have given rise to the rumor that Bat ponies are vampires; however, this is just a tall tale spread by superstitious ponies. Other names: Cavalum; Noctral(s); Sarosian(s); Thestral(s). Night Vision (D4) A pony with this talent can see very well in the dark, though not in complete blackness. The downside is that the pony also gains the quirk of Weakness: Bright Light
  4. The latest newsletter from RiverHorse.EU: Source
  5. From Forbes: Exclusive: Renegade Game Studios Extends Partnership With Hasbro
  6. Greetings Everypony, Would anypony be interested in playing a session of Tails of Equestria? I am looking to be GM for a group of around 3 or 4. The game will be hosted on roll20 and we will talk through discord.
  7. Wavy Box Style Straight Box Style Remember to right click on the image (after following the link) and selecting 'save image as'. Now that Tails of Equestria is out, I've had a chance to go over the rules. My group are all adult players with experience in table top role playing games. With that in mind, I decided to put together a simple variant on the default ToE pony sheet. I had a few goals in mind: Make it more printer friendly (it's black and white aside from the ToE logo, which is easy to convert to B&W if somepony needs it) Add an equipment section Make it easier to insert pony pictures to the file before printing (we all like to use varies pony creators on the internet) More room for talents Unfortunately, the box specifically for the cutie mark was removed. So far my group has had more than enough room for the pony and cutie mark in the portrait box. Feedback on how to improve the sheet is welcome. If you'd like a variant, let me know. I still have the template saved with the sections broken up into easy to move chunks. I was considering doing a version for left hoofed players (talents and equipment moved to the left side).
  8. Hi all! Long time brony and used to DM 30 years ago... introduced my kids to Tails and we had a great time with the first scenario. Now I'm working on making new campaigns and just looking for feedback / ideas and maybe people can post their own campaigns and share it up! This campaign I just started building... I'm not saying it's done, it's just started and I'll flesh it out as much as I can. I need to have it done before my next day off so we can play again! PonyCon Escape the Room Mix Up The Mane Six want to thank the PlayerPonies (PPs) for helping them with their pets, so they sign them up for the deluxe package Escape the Room Experience at the Ponyville Ponycon! They Mane Six will be on a custom high danger, high excitement experience, while they book the PPs on the basic, easy package. Somehow, each group gets lead to the wrong room, and when the lock clicks, the PPs find themselves needing to solve puzzles designed to challenge the Saviors of Equestria! Their challenges will be designed to test Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity and Magic. Possibly flight, teleportation, calming angry beasts, maybe a bugbear? Can be based on challenges at Hogwarts Triwizard Tournament. Each challenge will seem to test their physical ability or skills, but will have a hidden challenge to really be testing their Elements. Similar to events in Episodes 1&2, season 1. This might be too obvious. Flight Challenge / Loyalty: Baking Challenge / Laughter: Alchemy Challenge / Magic: Dress Challenge / Generosity: Animal Challenge / Kindness: Farm Challenge / Honesty: NPCs : Flim and Flam are running “Daring Do's Adventures!” an escape the room experience based on A.K. Yearling’s Daring Do books. The PP’s are signed up for Daring Do’s Busy Day, while the Mane6 are signed up for Daring Do in Ahuizotl’s Jaws of Death! Bonus gag at the end of the campaign is that they meet up with the Mane Six afterwards and they are talking about how challenging their room was, like, “do you remember that part when we had to eat all those ice cream cones without getting brain freeze? Talk about challenging!” Finally, Flim and Flam watch them all walk away and they snap their fingers, revealing a duo of snickering Discords. Other ideas working on are: The Pony of Shadows, where the PPs get a call to go to the sister's old castle to "save" the mane 6. Challenges, traps and danger ensue. It turns out there was a mix up with the way the invitations were printed... "Derpy!" ...and they were just supposed to go to Canterlot for a surprise birthday party. Sorry if it's tl;dr!
  9. Hello Equestria Daily community! I've been an on and off viewer since the site went live. Until recently I didn't have anything to say or contribute. Since the announcement of Tails of Equestria I've been been slowly piecing together a campaign for my friends. After 5 years of a homebrew Pokemon system, we were all ready for something new that still captured a cartoony, light-hearted charm. Since I'm pretty community shy, this was the only place I could think of to talk about and share Tails of Equestria ideas and content. My goal is to periodically post the story outline of sessions (comparable to an episode of the show) shortly after my group has played through it. That will give them a little polish for groups looking for more of a module style play similar to D&D stand alone adventure books. In the mean time, I put together a few variations of the pony sheet for Tails of Equestria to account for printer ink (mostly black and white), ease of adding a computer portrait for those even slightly image editing savvy, and the addition of a (surprisingly) missing equipment section. You can find it on the forums here if you're interested. I'm excited to increase my GM talent to a D20 through friendship!