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Found 1 result

  1. Lunar Holiday

    What Kind of Forums do you prefer?

    So, I've been hopping around forums for a little while, always checking up one something. I'm going to say this right now, I haven't been here for as long as most here, but I can say for certain these are my favorite forums, there just isn't something with a warmer feel than The Family Maybe I'm biased or something, but it just feels a little more organic here! And this made me wonder, do you guys prefer huge forums with tons of action? Or do you like small, more tightly-knit forums? I have to admit, there is a certain appeal in going on, say, something like a small server and running into familiar faces. You get to know each other a tad easier, you know? Sure, all the larger servers have more going on and have bustling towns and fancy warps, but I always kinda liked the quaint little "villa" feeling going on! It was just you, your little motley crew, and the world! Nothing felt more free! Now, friends, tell me your thoughts, and share with the other friends!