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Found 6 results

  1. briefly had an image up from the upcoming My Little Ponies/Transformers crossover 2015 MLP Specials G4 Brushables toy line. It has since been taken down, but not before my spouse was able to grab an image of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as Ponies: As we can see, it uses the G4 Ponies designs and seems likely to be linked to the upcoming comic-book crossover from IDW in a bit of cross-promotion. I have no other information about this at this time. The Amazon uk site where the image come from now shows the Ghostbusters Ponies.
  2. Hello everyone!I am selling some of my handmade plushies once I bought, they are really well cared, qualified, none is in bad condition, you can see their photos also.If you are interested in purchasing any here is the shop link; See more images here; See more images here: See more images here: Thank you so much for reading and I hope they find good homes! Take care and have a great day! <3 PS: (As in the rules prices are fixed and it can't change, the prices are the one that you see on Etsy no more or no less.)
  3. InkWhite

    First My Little Pony Merch

    I got my first pieces of MLP merch. today and I gotta say I'm disappointed. The ponies I got were just palette swapped and I don't recognize them (Diamond Rose and Breezie Flora).
  4. Scream Man

    A father of a new fan

    Hello all, I confess this is a new area for me, as my little all most 4 year old has become hooked on the show (And I don't mind it either) and wants to start getting the toys. Now she has been given some over the years, and we managed to get the Mane Six and some accessories. Recently she saved up and bought Twilights Oaken Treehouse for Herself, and has decided she likes the smaller scale better. Now i have been a toy collector all my life ( I even Podcast about it!) so I know what she means when she says she doesn't want to use the bigger scale anymore. Its made me try and look into the smaller ponies, but Im getting a bit confused about what is in what scale. is there an online guide or listing for the MLP toys by scale? While she now has Twilight and Zakora, she obviously wants all of her favorites from the show, and ebay searches make it tricky to figure out what is available that will match what she has. Thanks in advance!
  5. ShimmerSparkles

    The Brushable Thread!

    The very thing that keeps MLP alive, the brushable ponies! Yes, the thing that started it all, the very first piece of MLP merch available, and the one that's kind of underrated in the brony community. Yes, they may not be 100% show accurate, but that's the fun part! You have endless possibilities with these things! They're cute, and lots of fun to collect, and this is what keeps the show afloat! So, who's your favorite brushable? What was your first one? What's your most recent one! Also, photos of your brushables doing things are encouraged! Take pictures of them, maybe even them doing something weird
  6. Masturboy84

    Show your collection off!

    My collection spans from 1982 to present time, here i will show you my pre-G4 specimens. Some of them may be dusty but i don't dare washing them for fear of accidentally erasing their cutie marks. These are the oldest: Now Applejack and Firefly: An early version of Rarity: I love this one whose eyes resemble gemstones: I love that little one. Don't you think it's cute too? This one has a doll-like eye mechanism and a more elaborate cutie mark: Now, we're entering the nineties: Here comes G3: And the famous and beloved G3.5: Sweetie Belle, my dears!