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Found 2 results

  1. Sunny Ray

    Vapor Trail Fan Club

    Welcome to the Vapor Trail Fan Club! Before we discuss this adorable pony we have to discuss the rules: Absolutely No NSFW content allowed Please do not post a picture of for example, Rainbow Dash unless it has Vapor Trail too No hate, if you have something bad to say about Vapor Trail or anyone here please keep it to yourself Feel Free to post your favorite pictures, GIFs, and videos of Vapor Trail!
  2. Ikaribunbun

    Sky stinger and Vapor trail

    Ok so for some reason today I can't get these two outta my head and not in a good way. You see I rewatched the episode top bolt where these two were introduced to see what my previous gripe with the character Sky stinger was. Upon rewatching I realized that his cocky attitude and stubborn personality made me incredibly uncomfortable even now as I write this,you see the show heavily implies a strong bond between him and Vapor trail and I believe it given the small backstory we got;my problem however is that it feels like Vapor shouldn't put up with him or even like him as much as she does. Now that being said I would feel a bit better if he was a kinder more thoughtful person while still having that confident personality that he has (similar to RD). idk I just feel tha whille a part of me likes seing them together another feel unreasonably uncomfortable and uneasy and I don't know why! So anyways this might just be silly tbh,I'm 100% sure I've felt this way before over other couples/friends in media but I could never point out what it was exactly. But yeah what are your thoughts? Do you feel a similar way? do you like these two romantically or platonically? Anyways whatever it is just leave a response and if you can help me find why I'm uncomfortable with Sky stinger then please let me know!