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Found 3 results

  1. Does it make a different if My little pony voice actors appear in other shows or movies
  2. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EQD! I'm InsomniaticCricket or just call me AJ everyone already does! I am looking to make a new parody series for MLP FiM but to do so I need some voice actors and actresses! As well as an editor! We are already writing episode one as I make this post in fact we might finish writing it by tomorrow which should be great! If you are interested in auditioning for any role feel free to please check out the sites below! Only requirements are that you have a mic thats decent so we can hear you, a knack for singing (yes we are keeping musical numbers but not in the way you might think) , and over all just a good attitude (and patience) to go the whole 9 yards with this! For any other contact information you might need please feel free to message me on here or I can give you my skype or Discord name so we can continue the conversation there! I hope to see many auditions and many new faces! Thank you for your time! -Aj
  3. Equestrian Creator

    Who Jr Episode 1 Voice Actors Needed!!!

    Hello My name is Equestrian Creator (The writer of Who Jr) and I am looking for voice actors for a (Non- Paying) Project I have been working on. For the first episode I have some voice actors ready for some of the character needed for episode 1 but unfortunately due to lack of dedication I had to re-cast some characters. Here is a small description of what the project is about (We current have several episodes written with more in the works) Meet Dinky Doo and Doctor Whooves Jr (the children of the doctor and Derpy) who using their fathers T.A.R.D.I.S will travel through time and space, Encountering creatures once unknown to Equestai and Visiting areas in history not known to Pony Kind. This is Who Jr The characters I need at the moment are: Character: Princess Celestia Audition Lines: 1. Get behind me children, whoever you are, if you harm these children, you will regret it 2. Twilight? Twilight?! Can you hear me?! (Twilight is Injued, just so you knwo how to say it) 3.We must bring balance back to Equestria or we could be living in an eternal nightmare for the rest of our lives. Character: Nightmare Moon Audition Lines: 1. You always got the attention, you always got the royal treatment while all i had was your shadow casted over me, and once i get rid of you, I can finally have Equestia all to myself (Evil Laugh) 2. Ah ha ha ha, fitting don’t you think, 1000 years ago I defeated you here…and once again the same is about to happen. 3. YOU?! You would honestly defend them over my word?! I taught you this before, my word is absolute to insure peace in our kingdom in the night! You have no say against me of all people. Character: Princess Luna (Not Evil) Audition Lines: 1. Ummm hello….(Some what Shy) 2. There’s no need to be alarmed, but my sister has told me of your adventures. 3. “And maybe one day……One day my sister, you will hear this from my own mouth as we live in harmony again, my little Luna.”…..This world wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you two. I was blind and you two showed me another way. No words can describe my sincere gratefulness to you both…so thank you. (I am in need of one or two artists to provide visual imagery for the episode.....more details about amount of art needed can be provided upon request.) If you are Intrested in being apart of this Project I will provide the Casting Call Club Link Below: Read more: