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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I'm new to MLP(loving the show very much) and equestria daily as well. I first got into MLP through the fan music such as DJ Pon3(now Scraton- amazing producer) and other artists on Cider Party. The fandom and the content is amazing as well. What do you guys recommend seeing since I'm new to the whole shebang?
  2. Hello everypony! My name is Rabble Rouser, a brony from West Michigan. I've been around a few other sites before, but decided to join this one! I'm a huge table top game player, so I'm always looking for fellow cardboard crusaders! Pleased to meet everypony!
  3. Sugarshy


    I am a digital artist. I will post art weekly.
  4. Hey there! The name's Crecious. I'd like to just say hello, and give you a bit of background on me. I'm an artist who likes to save money for travel and run around countries until the money runs out. This is of course only something I've done a couple of times, but YOLO! Seriously, you only have one life, grab it by the balls and take chances. Money isn't finite. Life is. (If anyone wants to check out my gallery) Anyways, I'm an artist as I mentioned above. I believe in excellence, not perfection. Since, who's perfect anyway... I know I'm not! I'm a fan of a lot of things and a jack of all trades in a lot of ways. I can fix electronics, and garden, cook and sometimes clean if the mood strikes me. I have a garden growing right now of cabbages, beets, zucchini and cucumbers. All of which are doing excellently right now. Except for the ants that ate my cucumbers...Grrr. I am passionate about politics and Seahawks football team. I am a non-conformist, I refuse to be told how to live my life or how to behave. Especially if I'm not hurting anyone. Anyways. That's what I have to say to give you guys an idea about who I am. Hoping to make friends!
  5. Captain Whirlwind

    I'm new to this

    I haven't really made an introduction here or anything yet. But I'm gonna generally try to be more frequent here. But For those who don't know. I am whirlwind. Founder to Wonderbolts Daily and currently trying to earn a music degree. But I'm still generally confused around this site
  6. Hello there, everybody! Name's Lit Lamp, and you might not like me or my message...but hopefully I can be accepted just the same as anypony else. c; I'm a good Christian boy struggling with anxiety all the time. I'm hoping to find people from MLP Forums! I became a brony back in 2012 when my friend introduced me to the show and I poked fun at him until eventually I joined in. His obsession with Rainbow Dash rubbed off on me. So, one day, I watched MLP, either didn't like it or I forced myself to dislike it, and then about a day later...well, the rest is history. I just suddenly was obsessed. Maybe it was the LORD's will? c; So anyhow, there's a much longer version of this story on MLP Forums, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I'm pretty awkward sometimes, or so it may seem. Hope I can make plenty friends and not get a terrible rating from the community. o.o' I'm a lot more...myself, on MLP Forums, so I'll need some time to warm up here before you see the real me. I also RP on Twitter, so if you like RP, we'll discuss that. c; So...yeah! Greetings!!!
  7. MissXenonious90


    I would like to say it's nice to meet you. also hope you have a great day.
  8. Silvestte

    Well, I did it.

    I've been putting this off, but it was necessary. I joined this horrible... thing. I shall try and navigate around, but it looks awfully complicated, to be honest. Or maybe I'm just stupid.