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My pet is gone.

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When I came home, there she was, lifeless. I  thought she was asleep till I noticed the flies buzzing about her.

She served us well by guarding a house of ours. Least we can do now is give her a burial.

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well we did it. We put her in her grave in our yard. Dammit I can't believe it. To see her body like that.
I guess this is what it is to witness death. Even more so when you weren't around to see her go.

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You know I've been thinking.

It's moments like these that make you truly reconsider what is truly important as you keep on existing. Puts things into perspective

You, we, everyone spending time right now, arguing, debating, clawing at each other's throats, wanting this or that in the show. Especially after all the drama and the hate that I myself have tried to weather and endure about the last few seasons and the pony movie itself, only to embarrass myself every single time. We devote ourselves to violently communicating our feelings, our logic, our bias, our attempts at objectivity; all for the sake of wanting more and more and more out of this show.

All the hate for Starlight

Saying that season 6 was the fucking dumpster fire

Cussing on the horrible pacing, horrible characterizations in the movie, the fucking "predictability"

Wanting G5 dead now even when next to nothing is known

But in the end, I realize, when you witness a pet, a family member die, when you see their corpse on the ground after rushing back home, thinking that you can still try to save them, all the while never knowing if they're still alive or dead, it means all these pointless or justified dramas, the nitpicking, the criticisms all directed towards the official staff who break themselves just to keep us happy; everything about complaining and criticizing and analyzing the show, it's all trivial.

No. It's not trivial, because if something were trivial it would mean there is still just a tiny bit of significance left and that there still would be few individuals who personally place great importance in them. Oh no. It's all meaningless.

I suppose now, seeing the dead body of someone you actually care about is the one thing that can and will finally smack you right in the head, putting you right back into reality, just realizing that we are all just mortal.

We all put ourselves in the shoes of characters in this enchanted ponyland, thinking that we can rise above our pitiful, flawed, DISGUSTING humanity, and aspire to do and be something revolutionary, with the goal of permanently impacting the world the way we see fit. But in the end, it's fantasy.

As the Joker said, all it takes is

ONE.BAD.DAY. To finally break your being and see things the way they are beyond our obsessions and biases.

Whether we have knowledge about the functions of the body or not, we all constantly try to rush about to save the people or pets we care about, but only death gets the final say.

As morbid as this all sounds, this is ultimately reality. For me, it's the one thing that will put all those dramas in the fandom to shame. Let the fact that you're alive right now make you think about it. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life constantly criticizing something that you probably can never change, or are you going to face the facts and realize that all this means little to nothing in the end, and accept the fact of our mortality and think about what's really important besides the changes we want in fleeting entertainment?

We can feel sad about our powerlessness, we can rage at the unfairness of the show, the staff, or life itself, or we can just laugh and laugh about how absurd it all is.

As much as I want all the chaos of this fandom to stop, as much as I struggle, seeing the life of my pet taken away from me like that? It's a very excellent reminder. Makes all the petty things nonexistent now. Makes the fandom's drama and hate be nothing anymore. Even if I foolishly struggle with those things about the fandom's criticisms, it's all much clearer to me now.

Death gets the final say. I'll fight on now and I'll try to set my priorities straight.

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