I need your help! Survey: Phenomenon Brony

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Hello everyone,


I am Fabian (better known as Flutter-Fighter), I am 20 Years old and need your help.

For my school education I have to write an academic assignment.

I chose the research question:


"Why/How did the Brony/Pegasister-fandom form?"


or the short form:


Phenomenon Brony


To answer this I have to ask you a few questions about you and your life as Brony/Pegasister. You don´t have to answer all questions, but I will be thankful for every answer.


You need to know:


- Nobody except me can see your answers.

- It is anonymous.

- I could look at a single survey, but I don´t think that will happen, because I just need the overall result for the evaluation and not a single survey.

- You don´t have to answer all questions.

- By submitting this survey, you agree that I may quote individual answers from it.

- You don´t have to finish it at once. You can send it to me and edit it later.

- The option "Sonstiges:" means "other option". I am from Germany, so the language is German and i don´t know if it will be translated for others.

- If you have questions, just ask me right here.


Thanks in advance. If you want, share it with your friends and other Bronies.


Brohoof /)


Link to the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/GaJDbeySfc7yL6ky1


If you have found a mistake or a question I could add just tell me.

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