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2 minutes ago, Frécinette said:

No Mercy for @Error.

welp I guess I could not handler her cute moment and being fooled.

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Political revolution remains a constant and undying spirit in these games with Wrench plotting his own revolutions and Ded Sec Pony joining the many who have scrawled the immortal slogan of class warfare on arboreal surfaces. Skyrazer himself has gotten into the act, but scrawls his agenda, means, and all that on his body instead. Whoever may kill him may find a venerable book of political philosophy and practice on his very person. The police seem unwilling or unaware of this impending social and political crisis, as the collective security forces that they are go to sleep in a shack full of police-themed porn.


But underlying the great themes of great equalizing revolt, there is love. Richard partakes in sexual relationship with a robot. Perhaps making up for the death of Brownie Bun. Or grief stricken he realizes he actually never had sex with her and consummated their marriage (I guess, TJPones never really drifted into that realm of NSFW). As well as hot emotions we have Fluffle Puff mourning legions I never knew she had, but who she's crying to we may never know; the event broke.


To end the night, Nova went on a valiant march for the sea, looting the supplies of four tributes on the way. No doubt she wants to escape by sea, but we will see.



The day begins with smashing commercial success! Miles Edgeworth makes a video game, it's enjoyed and the spontaneous fan base around it sends him food. Apparently, games of dramatized court room trials are still - or may be a bigger - thing. Props to you anime man.


But following that, we have some of the largest single eliminations so far. I am talking about the suicide pact that took Fluffle Puff - no doubt severely depressed when she realized she has no helpful legions - and the mass arrest carried out by Tygan. There may be political motivations behind this, as two of the actors removed from the game through the power of criminal arrestment were known revolutionaries.

The Police meanwhile, do nothing.


But if political upheaval is the theme of the game, then Procelle wins out with the overthrow of an island nation. Procelle is thus far the only tribute to begin a political, national movement from the confines of the arena.


Meanwhile Richard joins his horse wife, and Twilight is impaled with a tree-branch.



These are the dead. They died well. Let me close the day on a song in their memory.




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Well with no ceremony, we're onto day 3.



But what a start to day 3 it is.


During the night Cyber Commander has decided to flex his authoritarian muscle and arrested another revolutionary, a hobo, a cartoon, bug-mom, and the police themselves! That must be embarrassing for the cops, to be arrested collectively by a single individual.


Procelle, having taken his/her island now lays awake at night wondering how to rule it. Bill Cipher meanwhile steals Doom Guy's identity to plan to kill Doom Guy.


Ruby Rose contemplates the Tao, which surely will lead to a life of philosophy.



As the sun rises we begin with construction. Wrench Jr. joins Rarity in the construction of a wall. Who will they keep out? Who knows, but they're building one anyways.


The day also begins the advancement of Ruby Rose's philosophy career as she and Pinkie Pie conclude that no one actually exists. We must conclude that they think this is all an illusion. But Ruby and Ponka Rat, this is all too real. You're not becoming philosophical, you're just going mad.


Rubberfruit too runs away, afraid of our island overlord who must not be prowling the arena in search of new conquests. Maybe she's looking for LittlePip who has succumbed to insanity and the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson by screaming in Arabic, firing a gun into the empty wild?




Oh Thompson, you may no longer be a player but your legacy lives on.


But romance and construction isn't the only rule of the day. Doom Guy throws a knife into Cyber Commander's head after last night's mass arrest. I suspect he's afraid such a bad-ass will turn on him. Doom Guy is after all wanted on many counts of murder, across several dimensions too!



Here's the dead and/or detained:


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...Arrested? Well, at least it wasn't the pit this time. 

sits down on the jail cell floor and plays a sad harmonica tune



And Cyber arrested the Police, what is this? Soviet Russia? Wait, of course it is, we have enough walls for a Kremlin and arrests to fill a tiny gulag.

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Welcome to part 4!


No one really dies, so that's boring. Stanford Pines snuggles with Fluttershy while several others seek spiritual advancement, including Ruby Rose whose spiritual quest seems to be confused or shifting from Asian philosophy to Islamic philosophy. Maybe someday she'll find a proper anchor in the lord.



Rarity and Rainbow Dash also find allies with African-America Liberation. This will benefit one of them.



And when one though the spirit of revolution was over for the games, shifting to spirituality Nova finds another canvas for revolution! Discovered in the woods, a Porsche Cayman becomes victim the class-war catch-phrase. Its owner will be pissed if he finds it, when it finds it.


But in early deaths, Doom Guy falls over dead. As it would seem adrenaline and violence do not make a good diet. Nor does a lack of these things keep Doom Guy alive, as having not killed substantially in a while he capitulates to his starvation and dies, a husk of a space marine. The only good thing that may come of this is that his acts in the living world will condemn him to Hell, where he will commit to eternal murder as he rips Hell apart again and again forever. He is truly God's servant. Perhaps that's why Mascara Maroon sacrificed a dove? To send Doom Guy to hell to re-enact these games forever and keep the Hellspawn in check? Whichever the case, I think Frécinette is there waiting now that I think about it. Perhaps Doom Guy's death will save him/her from the gross mutilation of a stone that summoned a demon to drag him/her there.


To help close the day, we have some constructive development. Bitchdance and Rubberfruit both make games that like with Miles Edgeworth's title win  them instant popularity and they win free food. Procelle also builds a gulag to house all those souls he/she may think to imprison from the games. Are we seeing the makings of a third mass arrest?


Rarity also becomes bad news, a haunting prophecy.




In the end, our only casualty was Doom Guy.

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Nooooooooo! :gonkity: Not the Porsche! Why would you do that?


Stormy's living that Island dictator dream. Should start playing songs from the Tropico games when he does stuff.

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Fun-fact: I added the "Overthrow an island nation" event because at the time we had Sanford B. Dole in the games on another forum. Sanford Dole being infamous for leading a sugar-baron coup against the queen of Hawaii and taking over the Hawaiian islands, imposing a oligarchical dictatorship republic, where the American-born sugar barons ruled with an iron fist to wait out a few years before they could get the US to annex Hawaii.

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Now to post part 5



We have some deep contemplation, but not internal contemplation really. Just about things, like thinking about what it must like to be a woman when you're a dude, or to be Asian when you're black. Rubberfruit and Shen ponder the meaning of being a crossover character, while neither of them are a crossover character.


In the world of Procelle I think we may be seeing the limits of his supply network from his island, since an unknown sponsor has to give him water. And under the surface we have something boiling. Rarity sets Ruby alight with a molotov! If this a move to purge heresy? Is Rarity angry at her philosophical development? Whatever the case, she has made a martyr of Ruby.


Mascara carries out another mass-elimination, arresting a large group of people. This is shocking considering the poor mare has balance issues and painful stomach problems that keep her from eating much. Maybe she wants to find a replacement for Pencil's Anon?


Nova screams for help, maybe this is revenge for ruining a luxury car. Where is she anyways? Not even she knows.



Feast time.


Rarity doesn't go, this is smart because there was a suicide pact and a jihadist robot. Procelle steps on a landmine, ending the story of a tribute and a briefer stint as an island dictator. Rest in peace.



We're nearing the end of the games!


Pinkie Rat finds damning evidence that a contestant here might be the Zodiac Killer. But the question is: who? Can we declare Stanford Pines to be the legendary terror of San Fran? If so, he's dead now, killed by poison delivered by Rarity, what a cruel mistress. Perhaps she is? At the same time: we have that fucking robot. He's acting very strange, and earlier that day he snapped and went on a furious jihad, taking out a large people of people.


Choices people! Whodunnit?


And it's on that I will leave the list of the dead and let this hang as a cliff-hanger, despite us being so close to the end.




So many have left us.

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