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Skype has this... very inaccurate horrible transcription thing that only activates when one of the people on the call has auto-translation enabled. A friend and I had fun taking screenshots of all the things it thought we were saying one day. I have no idea what we actually said here at this point, but I have a bunch of these. Hehe.

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So, CK2 story-time.


In my present game I play as the Khazars from the earliest start-date (Charlemagne). At this time the Khazars are one of the larger Tengri realms in the steppes of central Asia and it was by them - in particular the Ashina clan - that I  managed to reform Tengriism so as to make resistant against missionary activity and then I took over the Byzantine Empire and settled it as a republic, making the former Byzantine lands the largest Republican fiefdom in Europe, the middle-east, Africa, and even India. Some shit happened, but in the 14th century the High Priest of the Tengri Church called a Great Holy War for Sweden. I answered the call, and won.




But since I'm already so large I'm not really intent on keeping it. So I gave it out to some alt-religious characters. In particular the Neostorian Khitan, basically western Chinese people.




I will need to incubate this for a while before letting them go so they build up levees and can get some provinces converted so as to hold their own. In the meantime I can clean up the borders and make Republican Sweden much more... consistent with itself. But I intend to release the nation when I convert this game to EU4.


About where they are for conversions:


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Some Minecraft Shenanigans with friends


Rise of the planet of the pants



"I'm Russian, I know everything about snow!" (It was a weird glitch where even after I died, I was still on fire.) 

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