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Hello! I am Sugar and I'm new to the fandom and this website. I began to watch My little pony FIM 3 weeks ago and watched all 7 seasons in german and than in english and I loved it! I nearly cant wait for the 8. season next month...

My favorite pony is Applejack or Rainbow, i cant really decide. Any other things i can write donw here? I guess not. But as i said im new to this fandom please teach me if i do something "wrong" thanks. :awesomedash:

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@sugar ray
Here is a lil tip, by adding @ and users name you can notify a user that you replayed to them.  

And yeah MLP sure is a great show. And it is nice to see that my bias for liking it is justified when even now people can discover it and like it. Hope you'll have great time exploring fandom and all things fan created along with Show products. 

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