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[PonyRPG] Points and Ponies

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[ Points and Ponies ]

Salutations everypony! I've been working on this for a while, thought I'd share some Work in Progress and get some sweet sweet early feedback.


I've taken pointy ponies and started a turn-based RPG, similar to Final Fantasy except it's not active battle time and it will be focused around challenging battles rather than FF's characteristic face-roll encounters. In fact I'm taking way more inspiration out of an old Flash game by Matt called Epic Battle Fantasy released in 2009 that will soon have it's 5º installment released. But back to the horses.


In the long run I plan to add a world to explore, maybe like FF or maybe like old time Adventure Quest but right now I'll be focusing on making a top-notch battle system. So much that the first release of the game will be just that: slapping infamous enemies from the series in a hopefully strategy-driven mind-challenging horseful battle.


Sneak peck on what is my ideia of a compelling battle system:

12 bad status effects:



Sunburned: inflicts Sun damage at the end of your turn. The burned pony takes extra damage from Sun attacks while taking diminished damage from Moon and Pegasi attacks.


Sunburn is manly caused by Sun type attacks, but even some Pegasi attacks like Scalding might also inflict it.




Hesitant: somepony is not sure if attacking the enemy is a wise move, better keep some distance (Can't take any action)


Hesitation is manly caused by Friendship type attacks, but displays of insanity might also make your enemies hesitate to attack you, for different reasons sure, but hesitant none the less.




Terrified: Paralyzed by fear, can't take any actions. all damage taken amplified, effect ends if healed or damaged.


Terror is manly caused by Moon type attacks, but some enemies might play tricks with your heart to cause terror too.




Exausted: All this action sure takes it's tool, your Aim and Reflex is getting worse each turn, [audible sigh]


Exaustion is manly caused by Earth Pony attacks, but keeping a friendship can be very exhaustive too.




Sick: Ugh... It's AJ's baked bads all over again... Taking heavy Discordia damage at the end of your turn.


Sickness is manly caused by Discordia type attacks and by some songs that can be cheesy enough to make you sick.



Null: Removes all that is good, why even live?


Unicorns are master at the art of Nullifying, and any power pales in comparison to the might sun.




Derp: I just don't know what went wrong. The next damage taken is amplified, this effect ends when damaged or at the start of your turn.


Love can make you derp. Real hard. thanks Cadance! A well cast want it need it spell can also send you on a derpy spree.




Sing: Oh oh, it seems a typical case of spontaneous musical, can't cast complex skills and hold a note, so casting a skill will have to wait until the music ends.


Singing is manly caused by Wubs type attacks, an harmonious situation might also attract a singing mob and force you to sing.




Exposed: The elements can be relentless! Taken increased damage from Pegasi and Moon and decreased damage from Sun attacks.


Exposure are usually the work of Pegasi and their rain clouds, but the freezing moon can also prove to be very dangerous.



Subdue: You are being owned mai poni. Losing Attack and Magic power each turn.


The elements of harmony are well known for owning ponies, but Earh Ponies don't fall behind when it comes to one on one ownage.




Misery: Life is less appealing at the end of your turn.

Forfeit: If not dispelled and expires, the afflicted pony becomes a hero in Equestria.

These are two rare stats conditions, only big meanies inflict them.


7 good status effects:



Upbeat: Life is great! Immune to bad status effect!


Daring: You are twice as likely to land a critical hit, and twice as likely to suffer a critical. Delivering a Critical causes Attack to raise, suffering a critical causes defense to raise.


Shoop: you may Woop when ready.


Iron Pony: If your HP is above 25%, then a blow that would bring you bellow this threshold will instead leave you at it. If the final damage of a blow is less than 10% of your health, it can't kill you and leaves you at 1 hp instead.


Regeneration: Heals at the end of the turn


Brace: Reduces the final damage by half until the next turn, if the damage is less than 3% of your total HP the damage is ignored. Works wonders with Iron Pony.


Hax: Will be revived if knocked out



The facial expressions so far


Link to all of them on derpibooru

Expect to see the mane 8 fighting with iconic moves such as:

  • Rainbow Dash nuking her enemies! (or the team if you can't steer the nuke lulz)
  • Rainbow Dash drenching the enemies with toxic residues fresh from the Rainbow Factory!
  • Starlight Glimmer communist flag evenly distributing the party damage and buffs! She will also probably drink a lot of vodka, so be careful not to evenly distribute her stupor!
  • Pinkie Pie switching between Ponks and Ponkamena for a dynamic character paradigm: you can Cupcake your allies as Pinkie and buff them or you can Cupcake your enemies as Pinkamena to, well, you know the history.

While Rainbow Dash is almost done (I'll finish the last touches for the factory soon) making the remane 7 could take some time, you can expect Rainbow and two other horses soontm thou. I recorded two moves from Dashie:

F5 Hurricane

Wonderbolt Stunt

If you find it weird that I'm using Applejack to test Rainbow's attacks, it's just because she is a good place holder as she mingles flawlessly in to the background, and I can use her to test the animation for others ponies because of that.



And of course you can also expect your enemies to fight like a fan would expect!

  • The Sirens will take all of your team friendship and feed on it! Hey it's not like you can play a guitar with hoofs and just get rid of them.
  • The changeling swarm will do just that: swarm you and transform into all kinds of ponies! You better do a good job of defending yourself from all types of elements at once, because when their Queen arrives the literal horse will hit the metaphorical fan!
  • Just being near the Nightmare is enough to make your will weak and your resolution hesitant, better bring some Phoenix Down because if this malevolent spirit is enough to break an immortal princess you can expect our little ponies to kick the stool a few times.

And who knows what else! Maybe Tempest Shadow will make you "closen up your eyes" and miss all the attacks! l0lz! I'll give each boss a lot of though and I hope to make each of them a unique and entertaining fight, and the first will be the Sirens!

Check out some of Siren's attacks:

Screech, Tidal Wave and Siren Song

and Hydro Pump


Well, that is all I have recorded for now, toughs are much appreciated, kisses & hugs!


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