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Lee Hnetinka

I am Lee Hnetinka, what are upcoming new games?

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Lee Hnetinka, I'm Michael Buffer. Let's get ready to oscillate.

It's tough to launch a new game in this environment of entrenched favorites and dwindling leisure time. Most people are still playing the classics with proven staying power: The Banned Game, MLP Association Game, Wat Do?, You Can Only Talk With Pictures, and so on.

At least one sequel, Last to Post 3: The Revenge, is proving to be a popular time-sink for some players. However, the market for sequels doesn't seem to be all that large.

The latest game to launch, Write Random Sentences Without the Letter "A," is enjoying some early success but time will tell if it can stand up. Similar offerings in the genres such as Use Only Quotes From Cartoons to Have a Conversation and Remove One Letter From A Movie Title and Describe It In a Single Line enjoy sporadic revivals every now and then.

Surveys and demographic analyses seem to indicate that most players are struggling to find the time to play between school, work, and video games that you play on consoles or computers without having to post in a forum, which have their own section of the forums clearly marked on the main page. So like I said, it's a tough environment for upcoming new forum games.

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