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My MLP Conspiracy Theories #1: Friendship is Indoctrination

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For many years, MLP has does us that "friendship is magic" (roll credits XD), but is it really? I have reason to believe that, ever since we've started watching Friendship is Magic, Celestia has been lying and manipulating everypony, and even us! "Celestia is a great princess and leader, and she'd never plan a conspiracy!" you may be typing right now. Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but Celestia hasn't been honest with anypony, and I'm gonna expose her!


First, have you noticed that, whenever the Cutie Map summons a number of the Mane Six to an area, they try to make the inhabitants of said area to become friends with them, it would even forced on the inhabitants of the area, while disregarding their objections and their own ways of life and beliefs. If they turn down the friendship offer, the Mane Six treat them like they're wrong and the bad guy for refusing the offer, basically shaming them. However, if they accept the offer, it's always after the Mane Six solve a problem they've been dealing with for some time, and they appear to be more willing to do what the Mane Six ask of them. In case you didn't put the pieces together so far, basically, the friendship bond that the Mane Six try to make others apply makes them more submissive to authority, Celestia, in this case. Speaking of Celestia, when she tells the Mane Six what to do and where to go, if you pay close attention to it, it sounds like Celestia knows more about the area she's sending the Mane Six to than she's saying, even using the "but I don't know much about this area" card so she doesn't look suspicious. This part of the episode may seem like exposition and Celestia giving the Mane Six some info about the area they're going to and some warnings, but it seems more like instructions. When take this into consideration, it's quite possible that Celestia herself controls the Cutie Map.

"Okay, but what's Celestia's 'agenda,' as you're claiming she has?" you're asking. Celestia's agenda is about expanding her kingdom by using the concept of friendship make other more submissive and obedient to her rule and authority. If you're friends with somepony, you'll lower your guard and be more open to them, and this, in turn, makes you more likely to do something if they ask you.

Believe it or not, we have an example of Celestia's agenda being take into effect: The Crystal Empire.

In The Crystal Empire, Part 1, Celestia explains the Crystal Empire to Twilight, but if you take a closer look at Celestia story, you can tell that it doesn't sound right and maybe even fabricated. She says that King Sombra was an evil king that enslaved his people. But I ask you, what proof do we have of that, outside of Celestia's story? We don't. So, this was just a story Celestia told Twilight so she'll be biased, supportive, and obedient to Celestia's instructions. So, yeah, Celestia's story of King Sombra is just that, a story. Celestia said that her knowledge of the Crystal Empire "was very limited," but I don't think this is true.

So, prior to Cadance 's and Shining's journey to the Crystal Empire, Celestia gave Cadance a memory-wiping spell and a false memory spell to use on the Crystal Ponies. The memory-wiping spell was used so the Crystal Ponies would forget the good things King Sombra has done for them, and the false memory spell was used to implant the false memory that King Sombra was an evil king that enslaved his people into the Crystal Ponies' minds. When a Crystal Pony asked Twilight, "Were we really gone 1000 years?" she then appears to be in pain after she asked and we see some creepy eyes show up as a mental image, which appear to be Sombra's, and this was a failsafe of the spells that were put on the Crystal Ponies and activates whenever they question what they've been told about their past. This was the spells' way of saying, "Do not question what you've been told!" And those eyes may actually be Celestia's because we've seen her eyes like this before, when she was giving Twilight instructions prior to arriving at the Crystal Empire. Also, the Sombra we see in episodes The Crystal Empire, Parts 1 & 2 may actually have been an illusion that Celestia (or Cadence) made to make it look like her fictitious story was true. This way, the Crystal Ponies will be more willing and likely to accept Cadence and Shining as they're new rulers because it was staged to look like they were being rescued. And it's possible that the original King Sombra (who was a good king and supportive of his people) was murdered when Cadance and Shining arrived at the Crystal Empire, and the "gone for 1000 years" bit may have been a part of the false memory spell.

But after all is said and done, it's not really Shining and Cadence that's ruling the Crystal Empire, it's actually Celestia.
With Cadence in charge, Celestia can rule the Crystal Empire through Cadence by giving her instructions under the table and behind closed doors.

The Mane Six are completely unaware that Celestia is using friendship to brainwash others.
By only showing the Mane Six the positives of friendship, Celestia can manipulate them to do her bidding with getting her hooves dirty.
And Celestia may really a queen and uses the "princess" title to make her seem more harmless so nopony would suspect her of any conspiracy. I wouldn't put it past her of unleashing or creating some of the enemies the Mane Six come across to distract them so they wouldn't think to look at Celestia as the source of these problems. This way, Celestia won't get caught and her agenda can be fulfilled without being noticed.


So, what do you think of this theory? Is Celestia really a kind princess of Equestria, or is that merely a façade to mask her agenda?

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"We are Equestria. Accept our friendship and surrender your friends. We will add your societal and individual distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance wilb me met with friendship."

Sigh... I wish I could get into these conspiracy theories.

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Friendship is the superior ideology and we must spread it to the barbaric people. It is our solemn duty to enlighten our neighbors. It is for this reason we are going to have an institution that would educate  agents missionaries of Friendship in order to help our allied countries and to help topple dictatorships like we did with Changeling Hive. 

All hail Imperatrix Celestia Sol Invicta.    


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