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Hey there! I'm just an artistic gal from Oklahoma who's loved MLP for around 15 years now. I grew up with G3s and collected them along with G1s and G2s all throughout my childhood, but stopped collecting when G4 came out because I was unsure about the style. I finally gave FiM a chance though and I regret being so stubborn because I ended up really enjoying it, and now I'm back to collecting!


My favorite kind of ponies are earth ponies, and my fave Mane 6 pony is Applejack (or really, just all of the Apple family...especially Apple Split who I may have a small obsession with). Applejack has actually always been one of my faves; G3 Applejack was among my first ponies and I adored her G1 version as well, so I think it was only to be expected that I'd love her in FiM.


I'm also heavily involved in arts and crafts, and I enjoy drawing, writing, making plushies, sculpting, and customizing ponies! The art in my avatar (although slightly old) was done by me and features my OC, Nightlore.


In real life, I'm a blacksmith with a love for sharp pointy things (especially swords), I own two horses (a mare named Dusty and a gelding named Ringo), and I'm a proud member of Clan Donnachaidh, one of the oldest Scottish clans (my paternal grandma was a Duncan). I'm hoping to participate in the Highland games soon!


I can also be found on: Equestria Amino, MLP Arena, MLPTP, MLP Forums, Derpibooru, deviantART, Pony Town, and PonyIsland, all under the username 'dakotadarkhooves'.


Nice to meet y'all!


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Hello dakotadarkhooves, welcome to the forums ! :happy_twi:

Yes, I think a part of us will be pretty stubborn this way with G5. Let's see.

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