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S6 - Episode 13 - Discussion

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Seems Aeth dropped the ball on making a discussion page for the newest episode, so I'm stepping in. Of course, there's the usual need to remind folks of where the episode could have been seen, as done in all the previous discussion pages (albeit it has already aired by this thread's posting, but oh well, FOR CONTINUITY!!):


Where to watch:
(Some of the pages have the episode title in them already. If you can't bear to even know that, you should probably avoid them until it's time for the episode.)



Now that that's done, let's discuss!!




....Daring Do dakimakura. This summarizes the episode in a shellnut. That is all. :awesomecheer:

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You know, I appreciate that they didn't have Quibble change his opinion. He realized why he didn't like past the first trilogy, but recognized that didn't mean he had to be mean-spirited about it. (Also, show, I see what you did there. That was a subtle nod at the fans who went nuts about the s3 finale, wasn't it?) There's room for different opinions, but we should remember that we need to be civil to each other.

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Oh, the Second Cour of my favorite Shojo Slice of Life Fantasy Anime.


"(...)I refuse to acknowledge them." OH GOD, IS THIS WHAT I SOUND LIKE TO OTHER PEOPLE??!!?

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(This one's already on Netflix)

Falling shouldn't be all that perilous for a pegasus.

Twily's actually depressed. I don't think we've seen much of that, especially when it's because of her rarely seen fangirl side.

Oh hey, it's Vince. Why aren't you peddling Shamwow?

I also like how this con is actually based on fun cons. Most other cartoons have the more corporate, profit-driven types of cons. Unfun trash those are.

DD Dakimakuras.

And the shipping fuel.

Everyone ignores something in canon.

I know I'm not supposed to, but I find myself in Dashie's shoes more than I should.

Gotta love Daring's plan of hiding amongst the cosplayers. And they actually used "cosplayer".

And the henchpony has a Daring Daki.

Derpy as Caballeron.

It's only crazy if it's not true, Quibble.

And now we're away from the con. Not cool, Caballeron.

Quibble's cynicism is super annoying.

Come on, Quibble, it's Rainbow fucking Dash. She does like a dozen awesome things before breakfast.

Oh man, can't wait for that save by Daring to be set to the Indiana Jones theme.

I think Quibble just wanted another ride.

And Quibble delivers the lesson.

According to Jim Miller, this rant during the credits was totally improvised by Patton Oswalt.

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