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S6 - Episode 14 - Discussion

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Looks like I'll be the one to take over this duty, it seems...


As usual, the prerequisite links:


Where to watch:
(Some of the pages have the episode title in them already. If you can't bear to even know that, you should probably avoid them until it's time for the episode.)



Now that that's done, let's discuss!!

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Physics for ponies barely into pony puberty.

Applewood Derby. Applebloom is genetically predispositioned to winning because apples.

I just now noticed the addition of Starlight to the theme animation.

Hey, Sweetie's coming along with her magic.

How did Scoots get up to Dashie's place? Did she fly? We need to know this.

Do we have a Super Ponykart Racer game yet? Someone should make it if we don't.

"Not Apple at all". That's a self-limiting thought.

Hah, losing to Derpy. That's gotta sting for Rarity.

Ah, adults living vicariously through children. A long-standing tradition.

So far, AJ's insistence on tradition is the worst reasoning.

And Scoots drops the chicken. But will Sweetie Belle bring out the dictionary?

It's also a tad odd for AJ to not be into winning.

I love Cheerilee's face behind AJ's moseying.

While not as flashy as some other songs, this one's quite delightful.

Admittedly, that track design was just asking for this kind of ending.

Rarity rocking a backwards ballcap. I think this is a momentous occasion for the series.

We finally get to see AJ's shades. Not sure why she opted for brown lenses. Those kind of suck.

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  • Ah, advanced non-Newtonian physics... for the elementary set. Celestia must have set absurdly high standards for their standardized testing.
  • *looks at bottom right corner of chalkboard* What does the geometry of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge got to do with cart racing? I'll bet Starlight was subbing the day before.
  • Yeah!! Just HOW did Scoots get up there? Maybe the balloon that drug Spike into the Everfree leading to his run-in with the timberwolves in "Spike At Your Service" & the same one Fluttershy almost used in "Magical Mystery Cure," or maybe Twilight's old balloon? Could be? Could not? Could be a McGuffin. We may never know.
  • Frankly, this could have been all resolved slightly better if Scootaloo went to Rarity, Sweetie Belle to Applejack, and Apple Bloom to Rainbow Dash. To be honest, I think that idea would be made for a better episode, with each of the girls' OTP mentors getting jealous their sisters/Crusader waifu are hanging out with someone else for a change... and honestly, call me weird, but I kinda want a Rariscoot episode.
  • "...and then you'll get your apple mark and work the fields until the day you die." Apple family tradition in a nutshell. Seriously Applejack...
  • Finally, Scootaloo embraces her chicken heritage.
  • A track with a six-way intersection was just begging for a multi-car pileup. What were you thinking when you planned this course, Cheerilee?
  • Speaking of, given the previous popularity of Pinkie and Twilight when they donned the pom poms and pleated skirts, I expect the art tubes to be clogged with pics of cheerleader Cheerilee. Hmmm, I think this was inevitable given her name.
  • Backwards ballcap Rarity... never expected that. Still not as surprising as oil-covered mechanic Rarity though.

Overall, this was an average episode. Didn't suck, but also didn't wow.

21 hours ago, Steamworks said:

It's also a tad odd for AJ to not be into winning.

Remember, they were giving out awards for fastest, most creative, AND most traditional. The creative and traditional entries didn't necessarily have to be fast, let alone win.

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I really want a spin-off series "Giddy Up Derby Racers" to come out of this episode. Derby tournament taking place across all of Equestria highlighted by wacky cartoon hijinks. "Derby Racers" with the CMC's bits cut out would make the perfect theme song for this series.

Also, since every town in Equestria has a derby, I really want to see Las Pegasus's derby.

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i don't get why so many ppl hate this episode. Do critics actually copy paste their ideas from eachother?  For me it was very enjoyable.



Oh and by the way. Can anyone PLEASE tell me who those silver maned ponies are? They are in the race but can't tell who they are because of the helmets. Especially the adorable filly.

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