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So one question that was brought up, was how are the MANE 7 going to work around being teachers and such at this school, while they have other priorities to attend too.

That's a good question.  And hopefully, I can answer that.


Now some are looking at the school as like a college of some kind, or an independent study program.  And if that's the case, then it's real simple, you have one or two classes taught a day and that's it.  Then afterwards you use the rest of the day to attend to those other priorities that need attention.


For example :

On Monday's , you could have Applejack and Rainbow Dash teach their classes, while the others use that day to attend to their other jobs and priorities 

Then on Tuesday's, Have Fluttershy and Pinkie teach their classes, while the others use that day to attend to their other jobs and priorities 

Then on Wednesday , Have Rarity teach her's, while the others use that day to attend to their other jobs and priorities, rinse and repeat.


And then use the rest of the week to focus on other priorities that need attending too, or use it to just relax and enjoy life.

Because you have to remember this, Rarity has 3 shops to attend too, so she would need that extra time to attend to them.  Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt, so she'll need to rehearse with them, even if they work around her new teaching schedule, she still needs time to rehearse.  Applejack has her family's farm that needs tending too.  Pinkie has Sugarcube Corner bakery that she works at, so she'll need time for that.  Twilight probably would like some time to just relax and read a good book, maybe catch up on what Sunset's doing, spend time with her family, etc.  And Starlight would probably enjoy a bit of a break too, especially if she's going to be the school's guidance counselor, I'm sure she would appreciate some time off. 


But yeah, I believe that's how the school, from an hourly/time-wise perspective will work.  I mean if you have 15-16 episodes yet to come that are non-school and non-student six centered, then what I just mentioned here on how it will operate, fits right in with the continuity of the season.  Because remember after this past weekend, we now have only 8-9 school and student six centered episodes to go.


But that's how (IMO) I believe the School of Friendship will operate in continuity with the 8th season.  What do you think though? Do you agree with what I said? Share your thoughts and have a Blessed GOOD FRIDAY.

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I imagine the school will work the same as any other major time commitment the Mane 6 have taken on, e.g. Dash being in the Wonderbolts, Rarity operating a chain of fashion boutiques, Twilight being a princess, etc. In school-centric episodes, it'll run like a typical school, prolly an 8-3 kind of deal, Monday through Friday. In all other episodes... what friendship school?

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Simple, they are not gonna put that much thought into this. I mean you already offered best case scenario, that they simply won't use whole week to teach and they only have 6 classes to spread anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if Twilight herself would do most of the teaching since for her this is full time job as she doesn't really have any princess roles besides vague hints. 


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