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free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Hoi hoiii! free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I am Ninii / Aurora 
free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I am 20 years old! 
free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Been in the fandom since 2012 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I am a full time artist / Character designer.
free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I own a very well known species called Northlings! 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I used to be here before, but lost my last account since I forgot the password ;-; 
free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I am mainly here to show some of my art and my characters~

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png I own 5 Original characters. 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png My main is known as Aurora. 

free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png She belongs to a Semi closed species~ 
free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png The art below is made by SleepyUnicorn on Amino. 


free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png Here is my art free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png


free_bullet___cookie_star___by_chibimogu-d6zpxui.png  If you have anymore questions just ask away!! 

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