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Oh boy, let's see now uh personal episodes, not favourite episodes.


1. The Crystal Empire

This is incidentally also one of my favorite episodes, but let's go into why I consider it my top personal. Aside from containing the one villain who actually managed to genuinely scare me, (I have a mild aversion to smoke so seeing a villain made almost entirely of it for majority of his appearances, was a bit uncomfortable but still in a good way) the episode just connected with me. It was almost Tolkienesque and I just loved that the villain didn't need to appear in every scene to have this major crushing presence throughout. I could feel the pain and the fright the Crystal Ponies were suffering from, and this is so far the only FIM episode where I felt there was a terrible urgency to not let that damn shield fail and find that damn Crystal Heart, preferably yesterday.


No other episode of the show has managed to make me feel this way, it's not my absolute favorite of the show, (Lesson Zero has that honor) but I just really felt connected to the characters and their plight in this one. It really just felt like everything would come crashing down on everyone if they failed. When the crisis was over, I was just left with "holy crap, they came this close to just all perishing or worse."

This episode left me breathless, so though it is only my third favourite, I consider it my top personal episode due to just how emotionally invested I got into it.


2. Sister Hooves Social

I love Rarity and I especially love her relationship with Sweetie Belle, oddly enough though I could really relate to Sweetie Belle on this one, it reflected a little bit how my relationship was with my second oldest sister used to be. Oddly enough the same episode then showed Applejack and Apple Bloom in a similar way my connection was with my late oldest sister. So I was basically seeing an episode that portrayed almost both my sisters and how I interacted with them. Man it was weird. :D


3. A Friend in Deed

I could so relate to Cranky Doodle in this one, I have known people like Pinkie Pie, who just don't seem to get the basic concept of "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Although this is not one of my favourite episodes, I still connect to a big portion of it on a personal level, because I can be sometimes a bit like Cranky, just want to live my life in peace and quiet, no interruptions and things like that.


4. Winter Wrap Up

So basically an episode where the main character fails at almost every job the characters offers to help with. I didn't know they were making an episode taken from my life. Seriously though, Twilight's plight in this episode is something I faced a lot in my youth, I often wanted to help but sadly I sucked at everything I tried to help with. It got to a point where I wasn't asked for help because, well yeah.


It even trickled a little bit into my current life where my family sometimes assumes I don't want to partake in an activity they are doing, because they think I'll just say no, because back then I rather automatically said "no I can't" mostly out of fear of if I did take part, I would just ruin everything.


5. Bats.

I was 100% on Applejack's side on this episode, I've worked on farms before. I've seen what the pest animals can do if left unchecked and seeing her being portrayed as being in the wrong just hurt. 

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  1. Gauntlet of Fire, for the world building and being an amazing Spike episode. That little guy is so underrated, but his episodes are a constant up and down! It's either a complete disaster of an episode or it's amazing, damn these writers!
  2. Lesson Zero, for being a great lesson on working out stressful situations and relying on your friends to help you with them, also crazy Twilight.
  3. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone for the same world building reasons as Gauntlet of Fire.

  4. Amending Fences, for the lesson Twilight learns and giving her along with several more characters extra depth and (more) backstory.

  5. A Canterlot Wedding, for absolutely everything that happens in it.

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Good idea...

#1: A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 & Part 2 - Great, great stuff from the get go. Can't really split them up as they go so well together.

#2: Rarity Investigates - I love Noir films and this just hits every high note for me in terms of homaging the entire genre plus Rarity was a lot of fun as the lead detective. Great stuff, especially for fans of the actual genre.

#3: Winter Wrap Up - Just an enjoyable episode and I related a lot to Twilight trying to find her own place in a new scenario while hindering things without meaning to. Plus that song!

#4: Sisterhooves Social - A really great little Rarity/Sweetie Belle episode augmented with some nice scenes of Applejack/Apple Bloom. I loved the ending as it showed how far Rarity would go for Sweetie Belle despite all her talk.

#5: Maud Pie - A nice, solid little episode about seeing what others can see in those that may not be immediately "your kind of friend" on the surface but are close friends with somebody else in your party. Also the deadpan stuff is great.

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1. Pinkie Pride

What can I say? I just can't see anything wrong this this episode! The songs are perfect, Weird Al is perfect as Cheese Sandwich, the conflict of the episode is great, the humor is great. It's the only episode I'd give a 10/10 because I can't find a single flaw with it!

2. The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Each of the Mane 6's cutie marks stories is highly interesting and gives us more information on their backstories. I'm personally very fond of Twilight's cutie mark story, but all the other stories are great as well. It spent several years as my top favorite episode and I used to think that nothing could ever top this. However, Pinkie Pride is now my favorite episode because no matter how much I love The Cutie Mark Chronicles, I can still find a few flaws with it, such as Fluttershy's ridiculously cheesy song and a few cheesy moments towards the end.

3. Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Who would have expected this to be the episode where the CMC get their cutie marks? I sure didn't. In fact, I went in expecting just another boring CMC episode and boy was I wrong! The songs were amazing, especially the last one. Was Diamond Tiara's reformation rushed? Yeah, it was a bit. Which is why it's only my third favorite episode. Still, I absolutely adore this episode!

4. Return of Harmony

The best two-parter in my opinion. Discord just is very entertaining and yet very devious here. There are some emotional moments and the Discorded versions of the Mane 6 are hilarious to watch. I just don't like this quite as much as the other episodes I mentioned here. That's why it's my fourth favorite episode(s).

5. Party of One

It's the episode where Pinkie was revealed to be much more than a flat character who's just "fun fun fun" all the time. She has self-doubts. She is afraid of losing her friends. And her breakdown is definitely one of the best moments in the entire series. That's why this is my fifth favorite episode.



I think judging by what I've said here, you can definitely see why Pinkie is my second favorite character in the show. Ironically, despite Twilight being my favorite character, I tend to enjoy Pinkie's episodes more.

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