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  Hello everypony! MLP is something I’ve watched from afar for many years, but didn’t really get into it until March 14, 2018. I was browsing a forum I visit from time to time, and I came across a thread from a 12-year-old kid saying that he loved MLP dearly. Sadly he is bullied quite often at school; so much so that he often wonders if something is seriously wrong with him. He went on to say that his parents aren’t sure how to react, and that they make attempts to “change” his point of view”. I've been battling clinical depression and severe social anxiety pretty much my entire life, and for reasons I can't explain it really struck a chord. This young man's courage and candor to share his situation [knowing full well he was going to be crushed via comments] reached down into my soul and told me that this is something I must do. [I should have backed him up. I regret not taking action right then and there. Although a part of me feels like I did by joining the herd]. 


  I’ve never had an issue with MLP. I found myself watching “Corridor of Cupcakes” [huge fan of Chrono Trigger, best RPG of all time imo], “Night of Pony” and “Guile’s Theme Goes With Everything – “Sonic Rainboom” and ”Fluttershy vs. Cockatrice” on YouTube a few years back. I’ve always found FiM/EQG to be intriguing and a real force for change [based on what I have read/viewed]. I was born in 1982 and have a sister [who is five years older] that was REALLY into MLP when we were kids. I remember watching it with her and teasing her [that’s what little brothers do :P] but in my head and in my heart I really, really liked it. I also had an affinity for The Last Unicorn, Care Bears, and Rainbow Bright [Rainbow Bright and The Star Stealer was watched regularly]. Other cartoons I was really into at the time; Captain N The Game Master, C.O.P.S, The Legend Of Zelda animated series, Rude Dog and The Dweebs, Silverhawks, Super Mario Brothers Super Show, and G. I. Joe. 


  Aside from being a Brony I LOVE metal. Bands like Beneath The Massacre, Despised Icon, Meshuggah, Necrophagist, Psycroptic, ORIGIN, At The Gates, among many, many others. Music is my passion, and this genre and its sub-genres make up a large part of my musical foundation [it’s not all I listen to. I also dig a lot of independent, underground rap/hip-hop; Dynospectrum, Beyond, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, DELTRON 3030, Hieroglyphics]. I also enjoy Baroque period composers [Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell]. I can play a few instruments, but drums/percussion are what I have focused on the most. On a side note, Pinkie Pie should add another bass drum to her kit :P 


  I have watched every episode of FiM and EQG, as well as all of the movies. I enjoy EQG, but FiM has truly enriched my life. Now I gotta go back and watch it all again :) Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction...stay gold. [BROHOOF]



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