FoE: Project Horizons Chapter Summary

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I am planning on writing a chapter summary for all of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons! I'm sure I could do it by myself but it would take a good year+. That's why I am looking for writers that also want to contribute to this noble cause. This would help so many FoE: Ph creators look for information faster while being able to go through numerous chapters at once. It takes a long time to re-read and I would definitely want something like this available for me to be able to use when working on a project. I don't have a time frame for this to be finished by and I'm not planning on having it done anytime soon considering that I haven't even finished it. I hope that I can get others interested in this project considering that it will not just help me, the current readers and, creators. It will continue to have an effect on the creators to come and will hopefully continue to be used again and again. 

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